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Wait....and see whether you are in love or not

   Just open your arms..
      and take a deep breath..
      hold your breath for a minute.
      close your eyes....
      put your right hand on your heart..
      and listen ...
      is your heart is saying something to you...
	is there's some thing that interrupting you
	if yes, that means you are not fully devoted to your love
	if no, it means that you are feeling the fragnance of love
	so just do what your heart says.....................................

    After that if you want to know that the person whom you like,
     do you and your heart really likes that heart than just do one thing
                bring him into your mind as well as  thoughts for a minute
                and say his name a little louder and if you are able to say it for
                  	 only once than he is normal  friend
	                    if twice than a nice  friend
		    if thrice than best friend
		    if four times than more than a friend
		    but if your tounge goes on saying his name
	                    for infinity times than
	                    he is the one always in your thoughts and in life...............!

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