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Superior girls
Find the answer of Question that why girls are superior than Boys?

  1. If a girl laughs, she is jolly
    If a boy laughs he is manner less

  2. If A girl talks too much she is witty
    If a boy talks too much he is chatterbox

  3. If girls move together they form a company
    If boys move together they form a gang

  4. If a girl cries she is sad
    If a boy cries he is sentimental

  5. If a girl is silent she is thinking
    If a boy is silent he is DUMB

  6. If A girl smiles seeing a guy she is friendly
    If a boy smiles seeing a gal he is flirting

  7. If A girl criticizes she is concerned
    If a boy criticizes he is ridicules

  8. If a girl argues she might be right
    If a boy argues he is hostile(aggressive)

  9. If a girl appreciates she is genuine
    If a boy appreciates he is not genuine

  10. If A girl shares she is generous
    If a boy shares he might have motive

  11. If A girl uses slang he is cool
    If a boy uses slang he showy

  12. If a girl shouts she is loud
    If a boy shouts he is short-tempered

  13. If a girl plays she is having fun
    If a boy plays he is wasting time

  14. If a girl acts like boy she is tomboy
    If a boy acts like girl he is .....?

  15. If a girl fights she is fearless
    If a boy fights he is creating scene

  16. If a girl is shy she is mannered
    If a boy is shy he is not boy

  17. Surely girls are SUPERIOR ????????

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