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Play Run 'N' Gun Online Free

About This Game:-  The coach has given you the ball. Do you have the skills to win with your favorite team? Good luck, kid...

Instructions :- Use the ENTER and ARROW keys to call your play.

To run the ball: Use the arrow keys to run downfield, avoiding the defensive players.

To pass the ball: Use the arrow kyes to run down the field. Find the "X" and stand on top of it to catch the ball. The defensive players will try to block you and can intercept the ball.

The other team can score if they intercept the ball or you fail to make it on 4th down.

When you score a touchdown, you get the ball back right away.

Scoring: Passing yardage is 2.5 times more valuable than run yardage. Of course, passing the pass is more of a risk with your opponent trying to intercept the ball.


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