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About This Game:-  You ready for a game of stick? PoolJam is everyone's favorite online pool game. Grab a stick, some chalk and break'em hard...

Instructions :- The rules are simple! Players have three minutes to clear as many balls from the table as possible! The game begins with 9 balls (and a cue ball) and players have to pocket balls as fast as they can in order to score points. To position your shots, do the following: - Position each shot using your mouse, moving it around the cue ball (the white ball) - Press and hold the space bar if you want to lock in your shot position - Click and hold the left-click mouse button and drag the mouse/stick away from the cue ball - Watch the power meter for force when you drag the stick. The higher the power meter, the more force used to hit the cue ball - Release the left-click button to shoot

The score for each shot is computed as follows: Run Bonus + Rack Bonus + Speed Bonus Run Bonus – When players pocket balls, they receive a points based on the number of balls pocketed sequentially. That is, players score more Run Bonus points when they pocket multiple balls simultaneously or sequentially (i.e. without missing a shot in between). The Run Bonus works as follows: 1 Ball - 100 Points 2 Balls - 200 Points 3 Balls - 300 Points 4Balls - 400 Points And so on...

Rack Bonus – Players receive a Rack Bonus for each rack cleared. The first rack, the rack you receive when the game begins, gives you a 100 Point Rack Bonus for each shot made. Each time you clear a rack (i.e. clear all 9 balls on the table), you receive another rack of balls to clear. The Rack Bonus amounts are as follows:
1st Rack - 100 Points 2nd Rack - 200 Points 3rd Rack - 300 Points 4th Rack - 400 Points And so on...

Speed Bonus – For each shot, you can receive a speed bonus for pocketing balls. If you pocket a ball within the following time frames, the Time Bonus is as follows: 0 Second - 100 Points 1 Second - 90 Points 2 Seconds - 80 Points 3 Seconds - 70 Points 4 Seconds - 60 Points 5 Seconds - 50 Points And so on...

Bonus starts at 100 points and decreases by 10 points every second. For example, if you pocket a ball in five (5) seconds, then your Shot Bonus will be 50 points. Players lose points for scratches (i.e. when the cue ball/white ball is pocketed).


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