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Play Bounce Back Online Free

About This Game:-  Bounce Back has brand new levels and more time for you to achieve your high score. Grab your paddle and have some fun...

Instructions :- Use your paddle to keep the ball in the air and breaking the blocks. Once you clear all the blocks, you'll go onto the next level. Power-Ups make Bounce Back twice as fun. Catch them with your paddle as they float down. Here's a rundown for each...

D - Gives you an extra ball

P - For a limited time, your ball will power through all blocks

S - Make your ball slow down, if you think it's going to fast

F - Make your ball go faster, if you think it's going to slow

L - Make your paddle longer

Finally, look for the secret flashing block. If you see it, try to make your ball hit it again. If you do, you'll advance to the next level and get a special bonus score.

Not every level will have a secret block.


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