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Jesus and Mary Chain changed many peoples lives (MINE Esp.)for the better.

I intend to get a wide variety of pix of the Chain over the 15 years that they ruled Rocks Highways.

Please mail me with your lists which I'll be happy to publish...

Fantasy Collaborations with JAMC.

1.JAMC with Mark E.Smith performing the classic Fall song 'Hip Priest'.

2.JAMC with The Stooges of 73 performing 'I wanna be your dog'.

3.JAMC with Echo and the Bunnymen circa 78.performing 'Happy Death Men'

4.JAMC with Smashing Pumpkins performing 'Stand Inside Your Love

5.JAMC with The Damned performing 'Neat Neat Neat'

List compiled 2/02/2001.

My mood is dark when my jackets on...