Another Jonno Obsession
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The very reverend
Nick Cave

There are probably over a MILLION reasons why I love this man.
I'm going to use my love for all things CAVE as an excuse for a DISHFEST of pix for your pleasure dear surfer!

Please indulge me and go to my NICK CAVE IS GOD website.
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This page (above)is just a taste of
what you will find at the N.C.I.G.Website

I am proud to say that I got to know Nick in the summer of 1987

This picture (left)
reminds me of some of the good times I spent with Nick and his then girlfriend Anita Lane.

This picture and the one above
were taken for a magazine(German I think?)

When the 'Kickin against the pricks' album came out
Nick released his version of Johnny Cash's 'The Singer'(Totally Brilliant).There is a funny postscript to this.On the B-side was a version of 'Black Betty' which I think(if my memory serves me)was a hit for 'The Knack'in the U.S.Anyway to cut a long story short... I hated it!!!!
Well you know me! I couldn't keep my mouth I told him.This conversation happened in a a mutual friends front room in Brixton(London)about 10 minutes after we were introduced!
His girlfriend(Anita) told me when we were making tea"Nicks not used to people being THAT honest with him".
Well after a start like that we got on great..and have had many varied and interesting chats/rows in the time since.
Well I've loved him ever since.

The Reverend Cave Preachin' the gospel
to the faithful..

This picture really epitomises the 'Dark Aura'that surrounds Nick.
I truly believe without bein' too starry Rev. Cave is a genius.

'Straight to you..
for I am captured once again.

Below is a list of my favourite Nick Cave songs.

1.Straight to you

2.Into my arms.


4.Lime Tree Arbour

5.Stranger than kindness

6.Are you the one I've waited for?

7.Brompton Oratory

8.Red Right Hand

9.The Carny

10.The Singer(orig.Johnny Cash)

Matinee Idol ?

This picture is how I always like to think of Nick
Tall Very Dark..and very

Thinkin' Mans Crumpet?

" I felt you comin'as you drew near ..
Are you the one that I'm waitin' for ?

'The Power and the Glory'

For thine is the Kingdom the power and the Glory
for ever and ever...AMEN.

Nick Cave a real Star
lighting up the heavens....