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'Webbys' well worth a Nosey..


Damo's brilliant 'new'JAMC Webby..go to...http://mediachain.da.ru (my personal fave JAMC site)




The jonnos site is my other website (It's an E.Zine.)

'Nick Cave is GOD'Website- Let me guess... another 'Jonno' Classic? Yes Siree!! Go to http://www.yournamenickcave.50megs.com Apart from this site(JAMC)my best webby is the NICK CAVE IS GOD Site..address above right.

I really like Dani Bedics work !! Picture is a perfect example of this talented artist.

Sorry 'bout the linx not workin'..you can go by typing addresses manually.

Click the x in the box above
Damians brilliant homage to the CHAIN...Mediachain

Very interesting and BIG site..comprehensive best describes this webby.

Favorite Sites
The sites below are all active..but the blue linx wont work..Doh!!!Resort to manual scotty.

www.sowingseeds.co.uk JAMC Fansite..Beautifully done
www.amniisia.com/aprilskies/ This is one of my favourites.Esp.'Some Candy Talking'Message board.
http://mercury.beseen.com/chat/rooms/f/21513/ Brand new chat room(JAMC)looks like fun
SCARYBEX(Goth Site)@ www.darkwave.org.uk/~bex/ Lovely site..By a very interesting Grrlly. Gothic girl.
Easy to use site-well put together.

The DONNAS 'Crushpage'Jeffrey@ www.jeffrey@kickbright.com Hey you know that groovy Ramonesy grrlll band THE DONNAS ?Well this is a site all about 'em.
The Darklands: http://surf.to/the.darklands I'm not sure if the young lady is still about ?but her beaut site is!
R.P's Concert Pix. http://www.abbta.se/rp/live/concert.htm. Respect is due to RP for allowing me the use of some 'dish' pix THANX XXX

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