After the curtain falls
Life goes on..
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The Madness of OBSESSION?
I may be 46 but in my mind I am still a child.
From the first time I laid eyes on Jim and William
I knew they were goin' to be DIFFERENT!
They weren't going to break my heart
or shatter my illusions..YAY!! We are and will always be..

Like new-age Leather Gods
Come let us worship in the Temple
of REID.

I walk thru' this world with no fear!
The sound of JAMC in my ear!
The Brothers Reid..
I love this picture!
It reminds me of a kind of little girls'Smash Hits'picture on the wall pose..
...and all the walls fall down..
and all the fish get drowned!!!

Nothin' lasts forever
if only it could ..
like 'Groundhog day' I could re-discover JAMC EVERYDAY!
for the rest of my life!!
Cool or what??