Jacopo Andreini alto sax, bass, guitars, drums, tapes, keyboards etc.

Lorenzo Diddi modified guitar, keyboards, vocals and so on

+ Onco hawaiaan guitar, bass and so on

Gelous harmonica, percussions, rough voice

Osso tenor sax

Francesco Ronconi drums

Andrea Settesoldi pornostar guitar, drums, bass, vocals

Camillo Venturi shiny guitar, bass, drums, vocals

Jacopo Andreini drums, tenor & alto sax, bass, guitar, samplers, vocals

+ Daniele Pieraccini bass, machines that drums


Chissenefregadeltitolo        tape 46min 1992 Frigorifero Prod.

Sid Vicious mangia lÂ’uva! con l  tape 46min 1992 Frigorifero Prod.

Spatfruhling!                          tape 46min 1993 Frigorifero prod.

e il Grande Vetro                   tape 46min  1994 Frigorifero Prod.

(photo title)                           tape 60min 1995 Frigorifero prod.

one song on "O.M.I." comp.  CD 70min 1996       Snowdonia

Zoia Kosmodemianskoja           tape 60min 1997 Frigorifero Prod.

Cover me now!                       tape 46min 1997 Frigorifero Prod.

Opocaj/Attacked by wolves   tape 46min 1997 Matching Head (UK)

one remix on "Erase this tune"   CD 70min 1998 Burp Sonic Inventions

one song on "SBIM / SBAM "comp. 2CD 140min 1998 Snowdonia

album                                     CD 60min 1999 Snowdonia/Frigorifero - reprint 2000

Dj Faccia di Merda "News from the third world" CD 60min 1999 Frigorifero

Jack Andrews and his unidentifiedÂ… tape 46min 1999 Frigorifero prod.

The Poor litle girl has lost her plane tape 46min   2000 Frigorifero prod.

against harsh noise                     tape 46min   2000 Frigorifero prod

MUMMUGUMMU                              tape46+book   1992 Frigorifero Prod.

Musica Classica Dadaista/Free Black Jazz tape60min   1993   Frigorifero Prod.

Nei pianoforti vuoti/ragni equilibristi      tape 46min 1993 Frigorifero Prod.

EP days /split with Onco                      tape 60min 1994 Frigorifero Prod.

& Gelous                                              tape 46min 1994 Frigorifero Prod.

Live Indiano (split w/Onco)              tape 60min 1994 Frigorifero Prod.

Mild Bright Night Death                      tape 46min 1994 Destroy All Music (UK)

Live /split with Onco                     tape 90min 1995 Frigorifero Prod.

F.S. &Onco /Culver (split)             tape 90min 1995 Matching Head (UK)

F.S. / Wrong split                         tape 90min 1995 E.F. tapes (USA)

A Trip (single tape)                     tape 46min 1995 E.F. tapes (USA)

Demo Memo                              tape 46min 1993 Frigorifero prod.

Nando                                      tape 60min 1994 Frigorifero prod.

Pellow                                      CD 60min 1995 A/D

The Jazzy tape                             tape 60min 1995 Frigorifero prod.

two songs on "O.M.I." comp.      CD 70min 1996 Snowdonia

split con Stuckplow Quartet          tape 60min 1997 Frigorifero prod.

one song on "Basta!" comp.          tape 60min 1998 autoprodotta

Do You Nando? Yes I do!          CD lmt ed. 1999 Frigorifero prod.

Do You Nando? Yes I do!          CD 60min 2000 Stereosupremo

Trumans Soul Corrosion              CD 50min not out yet  impro session w/ Trumans Water & Soul Jun