01 J.Andreini "Chissenefregadeltitolo" k7-46 3000
Reprint serie.Suite in praise of noise using tapes, instruments, divan, etc. The first to be reviewed in the world.

16 The Finland Subterraund "& Gelous" k7-46 3000
Reprint serie. Freejazz, improvised songs, ethnic, slow grind. One of the best band of underground tape network from 1993 to 1996.

17 The Finland Subterraund/Onco live k7-60 4000
Live 1994. The FS provides some spastic Freejazz, while Onco does his first live concert with an all star band composed of two modified guitars, two synth and drums/sax/vocals. Supermasterofdeepnoise.

18 Inferno/Bz Bz Ueu live 1994 k7-60 4000
Reading by the future members of Ass Cult Press with out-of-mind music played by keyboards and drums. Bz Bz Ueu plays their first show as quartet with Jacopo on sax.

19 Bz Bz Ueu s/t k7-46 3000
First tape of the freepunkjazz crafty band. Rough but incredibly passionate and beautiful.

22 VV.AA. Jam at Noisemakers' festival  k7-90 5000
One hour w/ E.Ricci, E.Sanna, members of Tempo Urbano, Mat Pogo, J.Andreini and many others. A completely improvised session including two weird percussions sets, guitars (also a fretless one), clarinets, saxophones, euphoniums, bass and so on...

23 Rinix/Facoltativo ensemble "Finire in vacca"  k7-60 4000
60 minutes of toy music & crazy minimalistic improvisations by this duo of madmen from Puglia.

25 Nando Meet Corrosion "The Jazzy Tape" k7-60 4000
Alternate versions of NMC songs and cover of Right Said Fred, Trumans Water, PJ Harvey, Capossela, Tom Waits, Carosone and Ritchie Valens.... Really funny.

28 The Jealousy Party "Now!" k7-46 3000
Freeform improvisations, featuring Mat Pogo, WJ Meatball, J.Andreini, E.Ricci + some Steve Rozz's turntables. Sounds like an archeological report of some unidentified ethnia.

29 Finland Subterraund/Wrong split k7-90 5000
Back in stock. Italy vs. USA and we all liked it! Finland Subterraund provide their   highest-fi session, including some solo tracks, poetic more than violent. Wrong kills with their untuned freeform noisejazz, two guitars (?) and a drummer.

32 J.Andreini "Zoja Kosmodemianskoja" k7-46 4000
Freejazz, concrete and a bit of ethnic music. Handpainted cover. last copies. A tiny album filled by important songs.

33 Rinix "MondobliguevoiĂ " k7-46 3000
A new collection of toy music from 1993 to 1996. Lovers of bedroom no-fi and psichiatric recordings must have it.

34 J.Andreini "Cover me now!" k7-46 4000
Slint, Charlie Haden, June of 44, R.Wyatt, Monk, Jeff Buckley, Kraftwerk, Capossela.... played with personal arrangements and sounds. Handsprayed covers. Last copies

35 Bz Meet Corrosion "Improvising" k7-46 4000
Finally Efisio from Bz Bz Ueu meets Baffo, the new NMC bass player, and Jacopo provides to the rhythms. Handsprayed cover. out of print, sorry. You've lost something.

36 Nando Meet Corrosion/Stuckplow quartet split   k7-60 4000
Improvisations exploring 'postrock' territories for the Nando's as quartet. "Dead men don't tell lies" by this finnish freejazzers. Handsprayed covers. out of print, sorry. You've lost something else.

37 Jealousy Party meets Roy Paci k7-46 4000
The raw soundmakers meet one of the best italian improvisers at CPA. recorded on DAT, unedited except the exclusion of a duet for lenght reasons. Do you really wanna miss Edoardo Ricci / Roy Paci first meeting at all?

39 AlicJacopo "Mail collaborations" k7-46 4000
A fine collection of freedarkjazz tunes, recorded half in Richmond (Virginia) and half in Pistoia (Italy). Look for their 8" released in 48 copies only in the US. by Doug Harrison. Handpainted covers.

 40 Valyum Cut 9091 s/t k7-90 5000
Terroristic cutupping, smiley Real Modern Music, this girl destroys everything and creates new deep feelings from the ashes of Spike Jones, radiowaves, found tekno, children books etc. With an extra ASS CULT music attack.

41 Jack Andrews and his unidentified one man big horny blues band   k7-60 4000
Very bluesy very rootsy very noisy very jazzy very dirty very wild-ee. Jack is becoming a fiery milestone of new blues.

42 Jacopo Andreini "The poor little girl has lost her plane - original soundtrack" k7-46 4000
Something between Eraserhead and A.C. Jobim - really "theathrical". Tape w/special limited artwork, hopefully will be re-released in vynil in the future, but I'm not so sure about this.

43 Jacopo Andreini against harsh noise k7-46 4000
one sided long serie of split tapes against the boring harshers. A first version is split against Antenna 59, the furious Spezia harsher, "kickin' Andreini's Ass".


Cds and vinils also in collaborations

Bz Bz Ueu/God is my co-pilot 7" 5000 (w/A la coque)
What can I say? Hassidic hc music and spastic funkjazz. crying of joy. Last copies.

E.Ricci, E.Sanna, M.Pogo, Nicotina, Helmut, P.Pedol, WJ Meatball, M.Petrioli, J.Andreini CD 15000
The first in a serie of unidentified lmt. ed of cds. Improvisations, autosongs and pieces played during a special meeting at CPA in 1997. Handmade package. It opened the serie of Colonial Recordings for Burp Andergroond.

VV.AA. Colonial recordings vol.2 CD 15000 (burp)
This time (1998) with S.Lalli from Flora & fauna, Vanni from De Glaen, Ugo from Malfunk, Skuamo Dj, Jimmy G, Radio Taxi and all the other improvisers. More rock and squared, with free blunts and hi-fi level. With free sticker and special handamade package.

Nando Meet Corrosion "Do You Nando? Yes I do!" CD sold out (24 new songs, one hour of jazznoise, bossanova, lounge, dub, jungle, rock, easy listeining, toys, marching bands, untuned radios etc. A new must.) it's been reprinted by Stereosupremo since jan. 2000.

Jacopo Andreini CD (Frigorifero/Snowdonia) 15000
Creating songs with freejazz, noise, eclectronic, samplers, with the help of  Edoardo Ricci, Helmut, Nicotina, Alicia, Mat Pogo, Gi Gasparin and Felice Pesavento. Another tiny special album fin de siècle.

DJ Faccia di Merda "News from the third world" CD 15000
Aggressive teknoise for the third world. Very aggressive.

 Ricci - Sanna - Andreini "Live at CPA" CD 15000  Played very fast, an impro clash between three different personalities, with recipes by Eugenio Sanna and a lot of megaphones-trumpet-teapots-drums funny mayhem played by Jacopo Andreini, with the blowing reeds of Edoardo Ricci. Cover drawings by Edoardo Ricci, really nasty & beautiful, coming straight from his secret sketchbooks.