Maryland's section of US 29 is NOT part of the 1991 ISTEA \ TEA 21 act
but is being upgraded because traffic & safety .

The section of I-83 that is known as the Jones Falls Expressway would become I-183 a spur route.

This section would be phase 3 of I-83.

Most Of US 29 Between I-70 just west of Baltimore to the Montgomery-Howard county line has been upgraded to Interstate Freeway standards near the I-495 Beltway.

A study for another Potomac River crossing west of I-495 has federal funding .

Here are some pictures of US 29 work @ MD 216 in Howard County

Pic 1 , Pic 2 , Pictures by Steve Okonski

More pictures of US 29 improvements will be posted in the future.

If you have pictures of work on US 29 feel free to E-mail to me by clicking this link.

Last updated on 02/14/05