Houston Area Light Flyers

  1. •Mar. 21, 9:00am, Spring Breakfast Fly-in at the Burleigh’s

  2. •Apr. 1, 7:00pm,  Monthly club meeting at Gringo’s


Upcoming Events

Welcome to the virtual waypoint of the ultralight community in Houston Texas! This is USUA Club # 11, one of the oldest continuously operating ultralight flying clubs in the nation. Members will find all the latest club info and visitors will be able to sample what we have to offer the aviation enthusiast.

Countdown to the next space shuttle launch.

The entire web site for starters!  I’m trying out the new iWeb application starting with a very simple template.  Hope it’s not too boring. It’s not fleshed out quite yet, but soon!  Tell me how you like it so far.

My step dad in Maine is getting some traction lobbying for unleaded gas WITHOUT ethanol added. For those of us that don’t use avgas that would be great news.


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