Come To Glan !!

Dayon sa Glan.

Your search for nature and pure pleasure is not over until it Glan. It should be - geographically, literally. It is Sarangani's farthest end. But a virtual Eden neither found nor lost.

Come find it then.

In a smooth, traffic free driving, an unspeakably splendid sight of not balding mountains beckon you. Oblige and go slow for below the tricky, thrilly zig-zag is a jealous bay that claps its splashing waves unnoticed. The waves are the sea's cymbals gleefully announcing your call. Gentle currents stay calm in depths. Some are partly driven to cove retreats where the water is green. Yes, green in kissing, lapping the magnificent rock formations. Some deep through white pebbles and sands - setting and not minding, flirting.

The farther you look, the prettier Sarangani Bay you behold in bright sparkling ripples beneath the true blue skies.

Go scuba dive. Snorkel. Have your eyes and heart delight in fragile beds of multicolored dream corals.

Frolic with the rich, diverse marine life. Get bewitched by exotic species, but leave them as they are. Most of them are untouched!

Bare your feet in the long stretch of shore where coconut palms bend and sway fanning the rich tropical climate.

Glan tropic is tanning. Typhoon snubs that place.

The steep mountain ranges of Glan that border the jurisdictions of Sarangani Province and Davao del Sur are a domain of flora and fauna. The lush vegetation is an aviary of endemic and migratory birds and fowls.

Mt.Gulo in Kaltuad is believed to be home to Serpent Eagles and Philipine Hawks. Several sightings have long been noted.

The not much touted lake of Datal Bukay - Lanao Kapanglao is a soothing wonder much wished and longed for to be seen even by the people of Glan. Seeing it is a dream come true.

Downhill is the seeming entry block of the bay - Sumbang Point which is boasting of its natural harbor. A natural cave in its base awaits the conquest of brave souls.

Glan, indeed, is Sarangani's fortress and Sumbang its sentinel. It stands guard yet proudly salutes your visit.