Quaint Little Tourtown (2)

Apparently a fabricated tale of humor which simply means one can never have a better tour around Glan without passing by it. Just indulge, anyway, you have nothing to lose.

Experience the quietness and coolness of the town center at the central school grounds beneath the 'leafy arms' of century old acacia trees. They are the first trees planted in straight rows in the old Farm Settlement School in 1915. Smell the sweet fragrances of Joyce Kilmer's "Trees."

Move ahead the direction of the "heavily painted with detergent brand" town market (Sarangani's busiest so far) and let your eyes feast over freshest haul of lapu-lapu, danguit, guisaw and marlins, sea weeds, sea shells and other marine produce.

For some who will not go through the rigor and ritual of cooking, the carenderias are there. No fine dining, of course, but it is all no nonsense cebuano fare of 'humba' (pork paksiw-adobo-Cebuano style) and 'puso' (steamed rice wrapped in young yellow coconut leaves).

Insist to have a drink of 'bahalina' (an ingenius concoction of coconut sap fermented and filtered for days). It is mixed with a particular brand of cola for the best commercial taste.

It really tastes great and the thrill of drinking it for hours must be at the market's noontime videoke-bahalina bars - only in Glan!

Never to be missed, too, is the Saturday Flea Market at the periphery of the health center. Makeshift stalls sprout for a day selling all wares at a bargain. There are 'ukay-ukay' packages in which a brand conscious may have a good buy of garments, old repairable shoes, imported stuffed toys and knick-knacks and even typewriters. Farm products like fruits, vegetables and root crops from mountain villages are downloaded and displayed on road shoulders. You may have several pickings of delicacies; pintos (sweetened young corn kernels mashed and stuffed in corn peelings), ready to cook cassava flour wrapped in banana leaves ideal for cakes, puto, suman, balanghoy or even sugar-glazed salvaro. What an array of Glan originals galore! The flea market is also set abloom instantly for green and ornamental hobbyists. Best time to buy? 9:00 - 11:00 A.M.

Not tiresome. Afterall, these would only take a little less than an hour before you opt to retire in some modest inns if not the only world class seaside resort hotel (for now) in Glan.

Or a gentle knock at the door of any one's house may do well. The shy host may gladly receive one or two guests!