Basic Information




Political Boundaries___________________
_________________________________North - Mun. of Malapatan, _________________________________Sarangani

_________________________________South - Celebes Sea

_________________________________East - Jose Abad Santos, _________________________________ Davao del Sur

_________________________________West - Celebes Sea

Total Land Area_____________________69,760 has.

Population__________________________93, 729 (2000 Projection)

Growth Rate________________________4.088%

Major Ethnic Composition_____________
_________________________________Cebuano,B'laan, _________________________________Maguindanaoans,

Language/Dialects___________________English, Filipino
_________________________________Cebuano, Ilonggo

Climate____________________________Weather is mild and _________________________________pleasant and free from _________________________________typhoons

Average temperature is 28 celcius


Annual Calendar of Events

[...March - April...] - Old Lenten Tradition
---------- Prosesyon sa Sto. Intiero
---------- Sugat sa Pagkabanhaw
---------- Lenten trek to Sumbang Point
and Cave

[...May...] - Summer Sports Clinic
-------- Kite Flying Festival
-------- Flores de Mayo

[...June...] - Independence Day

[...October...] - Panagtagbu "Meeting of Colonos
& Native Settlers"

[...October 8...] - Foundation Day
----------- Practical Shootings
(Sumbang Point Practical
Shooting Association)
----------- Coco Festival
----------- Mutya ng Glan
----------- Disco sa Kalye
----------- Tabo sa Kabarangayan

[...November 25...] - Patronal Fiesta in honor of
Sta. Catalina de Alexandria
---------- Highlight: Lubi-Lubi Festival
(Mardi Gras)

[...December...] - Pasko sa Pamilya
---------- Gagmayng Kristohanong Krismas
sa GKK
---------- Belen and Parol Contest sa



A progressive and peaceful town which has evolved as
the Coconut Resort City of Glan-"The Tourism Capital
of Sarangani" with ;
a. A developed coconut industry given the tree's varied
resource potentials affording livelihood and income to
an empowered and amply skilled citizenry;
b. A sustained growth from judicious use of resources
in an improved and an eco-friendly tourism industry
adding high revenues to the local coffers and
exemplifying a striking balance and harmony between
man and nature; and
c. A vibrant local economy significantly contributing to
the holistic development of the country.


Go Gear up for Reforms and Opportunities to Wealth
for Glan-(Go Grow Glan!)


Development Approach-(A Three-Pronged Program)
1.1 Fasttrack Development of Infrastructure
1.2 Provision of livelihood opportunities,shelter & health services
1.3 Skills enhancement and Manpower Development

Promotion Approach -(A Two-Pronged Program)
2.1 Facelifting,Cleanliness & Beautification
2.2 Tourism Campaign & Promotion 0f Priority Investments


1.Coconut Diversification & Processing
--Coconut Oil Mill
--Dessicated Coconut Factory
--Coco Coir Plant
--Coco Foods & Vinegar
--Coco Handicrafts

2.Tourism Industries
--EcoTourism Villages
--Resorts, Hotels & Recreation Facilities
--Travel & Tours

3.Other Areas
--Fishing,Banca & Kasko Making
--Shipping & Transportation Services
--Shipbuilding, Drydocking & Repair
--Livestock,Poultry & Feedmill
--Cash Crop Production
--Wood & Bamboo Crafts
--Telephone & Communications
--Hospitals & Allied Health Services
--Banking & Quasi-Banking Services