American Colonial Period

The Pioneering Spirit

Gov. Gen. Francis Burton Harrison appointed Don Tranquilino Ruiz of Alegria, Cebu as Superintendent of Agricultural Colony No. 9 in 1914. Colony No. 9 was one of the Agricultural Colonies established in Mindanao (then Moro Province) thru Colonization Law of Don Sergio Osmena, Sr., then Speaker of the House of Representatives.

The first wave of 16 Cebuano settlers came to Glan on October 18, 1914. The second batch arrived on March 10, 1915.

They opened and tilled the fertile soil of Glan. Vast tracks of land were planted to corn and coconut. And thus, "this interminable coconut fronds that line the vista of Glan is a story unto itself. It is a story of how group of men and women of true grit and fortitude overcame a future fraught with peril and uncertainties ..."

The perfect townsite is credited to the Chief Surveyor James C. Cook who surveyed the area and made the town plan of beautiful symmetry in 1917.