The Vision of Glan

Go Grow Glan


Glan is the largest coconut growing and top copra producing town in the country. And while for several decades now, it is known as the "Coconut Queen Of The Philippines", Glan has yet to hurdle a few notches higher to be in the league of the fastest growing municipalities. This is primarily because the coconut farmers depend mainly on traditional copra production. The vast potentials of coconut for macro and micro industries when tapped can possibly improve their lot. To cite some of these industries; coconut oil and manufacture of some oil-based products and medium and small-scale coco-wine production, etc. One can have a hundred and one means of livelihood from coconut growing. The coconut would not have been called "The Tree Of Life" were it not for its thousand and one uses.

While the town has yet to realize and see the opportunities and envision for itself the progress which evaded it for quite a time, it is interesting to note that Glan with its small wonders catches the pursuing fancies of brokers and moneyed buyers of beachfront estates for development as rest and recreation areas. Should this be left unabated, this may pose socio-economic harm to the town. This is the only coastal town in the SOCSKSARGEN that boasts of a 15-20 kilometer stretch of white sand beaches; from Kapatan to Lago, Sumbang Point to Binoni in Gumasa and Baliton to Burias, which when developed, could match the famed and world-class Boracay.Cutting across these shorelines are mangrove swamps,coral reefs and coves ideal for divers and snorkelers.For these, local tourists love to keep coming back and foreign nationals visiting Glan are gradually growing in number.All these beholding sights are just the entrails of Glan though. People who see the heart of Glan could speak of many descriptions but one in judging it as the most beautiful in Sarangani Province. Founded in 1914, Glan is the oldest town and most of SOCSKSARGEN's municipalities including General Santos City, were carved out of Glan. It is in fact, the ancestral town of the SOCSKSARGEN region. It is in this town where one can marvel at old wooden houses built between the 1920's and 1950's, which may qualify Glan as a "Museum Town", too. Its blocks and streets were well thought of by the Colonizers then. Walking through the town zones, one is awed by the settlers' smile and calm bearing. A visitor may hardly explain,however, the mystic of the locale. This is easier felt than seen by guests.

Endowed with the above potentials, Glan and its people now have these inherent strengths to welcome the opportunities awaiting them and thus must be guided by the following:


A progressive and peaceful town which has evolved as the Coconut Resort City of Glan-"The Tourism Capital of Sarangani" with ;
a. A developed coconut industry given the tree's varied resource potentials affording livelihood and income to an empowered and amply skilled citizenry;
b. A sustained growth from judicious use of resources in an improved and an eco-friendly tourism industry adding high revenues to the local coffers and exemplifying a striking balance and harmony between man and nature; and
c. A vibrant local economy significantly contributing to the holistic development of the country.


Go Gear up for Reforms and Opportunities to Wealth for Glan-(Go Grow Glan!)


To formulate and implement Development and Promotion Strategies through social reforms and provision of equal economic opportunities to the people of Glan, specifically to have:

a. A well-placed infrastructure to perk up investments primarily on the coconut and tourism industries;
b. Livelihood and business opportunities accessible to the poor and marginal and unemployed sectors;
c. Skilled manpower for employement; and
d. An enhanced physical attributes of Glan to make it a major tourist destination.



a. Fast track Infrastructure Development
* Seaport Expansion as secondary port to Makar Port of General Santos; initially open sea routes from Sarangani-Davao del Sur via Glan to General Santos City;
* Widening and concreting of Sarangani-Davao del Sur Coastal Highway;
* Construction of Barangay Road Network;
* Development of water, drainage and sewerage system and expansion of the Water District;
* Barangay waterworks and spring/well development;
* Irrigation projects;
* Development of Transportation and Telecommunication facilities; i.e., Piltel installations and entry of bus firms.
* Provide wastes disposal means;
* Improvement of the Poblacion and Barangay markets,and,
* Improvement of Public Terminal

b. Livelihood Opportunities, Shelter and Health
* Community organization; i.e., Agrarian Reform Communities (ARCS) and Institution building such as cooperatives;
* Establishment of Barangay Livelihood Pilot Centers;
* Capital build up for small entrepreneurs;
* Expropriation of lands for housing.
* Sentrong Sigla for Health; and
* Upgrading of the Municipal Hospital into District or Provincial Hospital

c. Skills Enhancement and Manpower Training
* Vocational training through TESDA and Glan School Of Arts And Trades;
* Availment of Mindanao State University's Extension Training Program and work for the absorption of Glan School of Arts and Trades by the Mindanao State University as an Extension College.


a. Face-lifting, Cleanliness and Beautification Drive
* Strengthening of the Municipal Tourism Council;
* Creation and organization of Clean and Green Council to work closely with the above-cited;
* Establishment of a mini-flea market and Department of Trade and Industry center to be named as E. Yap,Sr. Divisoria (E. Yap, Sr. Square);
* Provision of banner poles for each barangay in front of the Municipal Hall and Plaza Rizal;
* Conversion of the old Gymnasium into E. Alegado Memorial Museum (Balay Ma Glang)to house the Municipal Museum; its court pavement into Skating Rink cum Parking Area;
* Construction of Rotonda or round ball in the heart of the poblacion;
* Improvement and extension of Colony no.9 Street to Kalanasan to be renamed as Colony no.9 Boulevard; and
* Concreting of municipal streets.
b. Tourism Campaign and Promotion of Investment
Priority Areas
* Publication of Business and Tourism Brochure detailing Glan's socio-economic profile, demography,etc., and investment priority areas; as follows;

Investment Priority Areas
Coco Related Industries
Coconut Oil Mill
Dessicated Coconut Factory
CocoFoods, Coco Wine &
Vinegar and Handicrafts housed in an incubation
Eco-Tourism Villages
Resorts & Recreation
Travel and Tours
Banca and "kasko" Making
Shipbuilding, Repair & Dry
Feed mill
Woodcraft and Carpentry
Taxikad Bodybuilding
Automotive and Repair
High Value Crops Plantation;
Lakatan & Mango
Banking and Quasi Banking

* Mounting of Billboards with " Go Grow Glan" slogan,and/or "TOURTOWN GLAN " for a catchy byword, facts and figures and annual calendar of events, to wit;

No. of Barangays
Annual Revenue
Type of Municipality
Annual Calendar of Events
March- April - Old Lenten Tradition
- Lenten Trek to Sumbang
May - Summer Sports Clinic
- Kite Flying Festival
- Flores de Mayo
June -Independence Day/Flag
Day Parade
- Taxikad Parade
October - Panagtagbu "Meeting of Colonos & Native
Foundation Day
November - Lubi-lubihan Festival
Patronal Fiesta
December - Pasko sa Parokya "Gagmayng
Krismas" (GKK)

* Identify and promote places of interest:
"What To See & Experience"
Poblacion Ancestral Homes
Belandang Hotel & Resort
White Sand Beach Resorts
Colono Marker
Sumbang Cave
Mangrove Tours
Kapatan Diving Cove
Century Old Acacia Trees
Fish Sanctuaries
Shrines- Holy Infant (Ugdamin Farm)
- Camp Sarmiento
Fil-Indon Village- Baliton
DENR Marine Research Center
Elizabeth Falls
Pangyan Falls
Lanao Kapanglao

* Work for the establishment of the Dept. of Tourism Provincial Office in Glan which will also serve as 5 bedroom Tourism Hostel;

The implementing strategies toward this end depend mainly on the concerted efforts of all sectors of the community, thus;
* The local government unit shall establish close working coordination with the Parish Economic Council and Chamber of Commerce and other NGOs;
* Maintain open linkages to the lead and line agencies of the national government as well as foreign agencies for assistance and fund sourcing; and
* Monitor extent of progress and development of any projects undertaken.