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Dr. Radislav MILLROOD
Dr. Radislav MILLROOD (professor)

MILLROOD Radislav (M.Ed in ELT from the University of Manchester. PhD in educational psychology from St.Peterburg University. D.Ed in ELT from Moscow Academy of Education).

email rad_millrood@yahoo.com

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1997-2005 British Council - Moscow
Consultant and coordinator of the English language teacher development mega-project in Russia (workshops held in Sakhalin, Krasnoyarsk, Omsk, Volgograd, Sochi, Nizhni-Novgorod, Samara, Ryazan and other cities)

1978-2006 University (Russia)
Head of English Language Teaching Department

Lecturing experience abroad:
2000-2001. Giving training sessions at the University of Lancaster in the ELT methodology for the audience of English language teachers from Russia. Lectures in Denmark, UK and USA

Over 200 publications as of January  2006 in Russia, UK, USA, Israel, Brazil, Turkey, Thailand. Among them:
Teaching heterogeneous class. ELT Journal. Volume 56 Number 2. March 2002. P. 128-136 Oxford University Press

Unsuccessful learners: in search of a neglected cornerstone. ELT Journal Volume 55 Number 4.October 2001. Oxford University Press

IATEFL Conference: has there been a major breakthrough? The TESOL Newsletter. Thailand. July 2001.

Modular Course in ELT Methodology. University of Tambov. 2001. 299 p.

Introduction to Linguistics. Anti-fossilisation course for teachers. Tambov 2001.

How to manage changes in teaching from inside. IATEFL. Edinburgh. 1999.

Computer-assisted teacher development:advent of a new genre. IATEFL. Dublin. 2000.

Introducing research to English language teachers. IATEFL. Brighton. 2001.

Observation Web: A Reflection Technique for Classroom Observation. English Teaching Forum. USA. July 1998.

Speaking. Teaching English Communicatively. The University of Manchester. 1998.

Can unsuccessful learners ever be successful? INGED. Turkey. June 2000.

"Why foreign training is failing Russia's teachers". The Guardian Weekly. January 2000

References can be given at request

Dr. Radislav MILLROOD

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