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Do Visitors Trust Your Web Site?
by Bill Daugherty

Are you are losing money everyday because of people's fear of buying on the Internet?
Poll after poll continue to show that most people are uneasy about placing an order
online. It is this uneasiness that causes people, who need or want your product or
service, to leave your site without placing that order.

To counter this reluctance to shop online, you must do everything you can to convince
your visitors that your site is a safe place to do business. If you succeed, your sales
will jump dramatically.

Here are some ways to add credibility to a web site:

Place your contact information - including your name, physical address, telephone
number and email address on your home page and your contact page. If visitors know you
are easily accessible, they will feel better about doing business with you.

Use third party credibility by collecting testimonials from your satisfied customers and place them throughout your pages. Put the strongest two or three testimonials on the order page.

Another way to lend third party credibility to your site isto join either the Better Business Bureau or the Better Internet Bureau, and display their logo on your home page and order page.

Pictures of your product(s) will greatly increase sales. If you are selling a service or a book, putting your picture on the site will build your visitor's confidence in doing business with you.

Anything you can do that personalizes your web site will make people feel they know you, and this will make them more comfortable making purchases from your site.

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