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What is an Affiliate Program?
How can it make you Rich?
By: Andrew LaPointe

First of all, what is an affiliate program? Affiliate programs are what website owners use to pay you for sending customers to their site. In addition to being called affiliate programs these programs are also called associate, pay-per-lead, pay-per-sale, referral, etc.

Here is brief list of how you may earn money from an associate program:

Pay-per-click: you are paid for each click-thru generated from your site to the paying web site.

Pay-per-lead: you are paid for each lead form that is completed from your site.

Pay-per-sale: you are paid for each sale generated from your site.

These are the more popular ways of earning income from your site. However, as the Internet continues to evolve, many additional methods will be created.
The best to earn money from your site is to sign-up with as many affiliate programs as you can.

When you first join an affiliate program, the sponsoring program will usually review your site. This helps to ensure your site is appropriate for the product or service being sold. Once your site a approved you will be given a tracking code. This tracking code allows the sponsoring company to track the click-thruÂ’s or sales generated from your site. Once the company tallies this information they will send you a check.

Several studies estimate that affiliate programs will be among the leading ways to generate an income from a web site. If you are serious about earning a substantial income from your web site, check our affiliate directory at ww.youronlinebusiness.com.

Andrew T. LaPointe is President and CEO of www.youronlinebusiness.com. He is also the author of the Internet book Your Online Business.com - A step-by-step Guide to Building an Online Fortune. His site http://www.youronlinebusiness.com is dedicated in assisting web entrepreneurs generate an income from the Internet.


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