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An Analysis of A Winning Sales Letter
By Yanik Silver

Many people say they can spot a good letter when they see it, but
the problem is when it comes down to writing one, they simply
freeze up. That's why I want to take you behind the scenes of a
successful sales letter I wrote and illustrate the thinking that
goes into writing a killer letter that generated a healthy 3810%
ROI. This letter sold all of the clients overstock merchandise
and they even created a waiting list.

You'll find my comments in the side notes below so let's get


Can You Get A New $8,000 Power Table For $417?

------Side Note Comments------
First off, the headline is a grabber and makes people want to read
more. Anyone interested in your product at a bargain price would
certainly continue reading.
------End Comments------

Read The Amazing Facts To Find Out How...

------Side Note Comments------
Next, the subhead tells prospects that the answer is right inside
this letter if they keep reading.
------End Comments------

Dear Friend,

Yes, it's absolutely true. You can really replace your old, worn-out
exam table and only pay $417 out of your pocket (But only if you are
one of the first 2 people to respond to this letter.)

Let me explain.

------Side Note Comments------
Your first sentence is absolutely critical to your letter. If your
first sentence doesn't make people want to keep reading, you can
expect your letter to end up in the circular file. So make sure it
keeps their interest piqued and follow up on the headline promise
in the first sentence.

In the first sentence I reiterate the fact that yes they really can
get a brand new power table for such a low price. The second sentence
I throw in a little scarcity right at the beginning of the letter so
they won't just toss this letter aside for further reading.
------End Comments------

Last April, our little company took a big gamble and signed up for a
power table promotion. In order to get on the promotion we had to
agree to take 3 power tables - nearly $15,000. (And for a small company
like us, that's a lot of money to be tied up in inventory).

Only one of those 3 tables were sold - so there are still 2 left.

------Side Note Comments------
The next paragraph I begin to explain the story of why we're selling
product at such a bargain price. I've discovered that telling people the
truth and giving a reason why is actually one of the most powerful
psychological motivators to action.
------End Comments------

And My Problem Is Your Opportunity

------Side Note Comments------
This subhead turns the letter back around to what's in it for the
Everyone is always silently asking themselves "So what?" and "Who
You've got to keep the focus on what the reader will gain from the
------End Comments------

In order to move these last 2 tables I've decided to do something
bold and a little daring.

First, you should know that the manufacturer's promotion of these power
tables ends June 30th. And any unsold inventory I have could be sold to
another dealer at wholesale.

But instead of doing that, I would rather sell you the table at a
price and gain your goodwill.

------Side Note Comments------
Here I explain how and why I'm willing to make a sensational deal.
------End Comments------

The regular price for a XXX power table is $8,000 but during this
they were on sale for $5,375 (which is a pretty good deal anyway).

But until July 15th (I've extended the offer 2 weeks), you can buy one
our last 2 tables for just $4,897. That's a savings of over $3,100.00

------Side Note Comments------
I introduce the special offer and the reason why we're selling the
at such a discount. That's a key point, because unless you give people a
believable reason for the reduced price they won't believe you. Nobody
thinks you're lowering the price because you're "such a nice guy" so let
them in on the reason behind your offer.
------End Comments------

What? I promised you could get a power table for only $417 and here's

------Side Note Comments------
I answer an anticipated objection here since I promised they could get
table for only $417.
------End Comments------

Here's How To Get That New Power Table For Almost "Zip"
By buying a power table, you can qualify for a 50% tax credit under
44 of the Americans with Disabilities Act. That's right Fifty Percent!
because a power table will glide up and down to accommodate disabled and
handicapped patients.

And here's what else. You can also take the amount of the power table
deduct it off your taxes using Section 179. (That is if you haven't
over $18,000 on capital equipment this year.)

That's not all, here are a few more incentives for you: We will give you
$150 trade-in for your old table (or you can donate it to charity for
tax break). And add an extra 2-year warranty ($1,000 value), plus, we'll
pick-up your old table and deliver the new one all for free!

Pretty good, right? Wait, I have even better news for you...

------Side Note Comments------
Here I've explained each of the incentives and how they can really get
table for such a low cost. Plus added in a few extra bonuses and now
another bonus to really increase their desire.
------End Comments------

You Can Pay In 3 Easy Installments With Zero Interest
We'll break up your payments into 3 easy installments, spread thirty

Why You Must Act Before July 15th
First, I doubt if these tables will still be around until July 15th
the first 2 doctors that put their deposits down will take them. And
they're gone this offer expires.

But even if they are still here (highly unlikely at this bargain price)
offer has to expire anyway because we will be shipping out these tables
other dealers in the area.

------Side Note Comments------
I bring back the deadline here and scarcity again. So not only do they
a limit on the number of units available, but there is also a time
This is a double whammy to get people to take action immediately.
------End Comments------

Here's What You Should Do Now

Pick up your phone and dial xxx-xxxx and reserve one of these last 2
with your credit card. Or in case, you're still undecided call us and
ask for
some more information to be faxed to you.

Otherwise, you'll be giving up the ease and convenience of having a
table at this bargain price. I really hope you're one of the 2 lucky
who decide to take advantage of this golden opportunity.

------Side Note Comments------
In this closing paragraph I give readers a little pain by mentioning
they'll be missing if they don't act on this offer.
------End Comments------


P.S. Hurry! This letter is being sent to 1,283 local doctors and this
offer is
strictly limited to the first 2 people who respond.

------Side Note Comments------
The P.S. is your last place to help prospects make a buying decision.
People go
from the headline in a letter to the signature to the P.S., so your P.S.
should be powerful.

Here I introduce even more scarcity. I let them know exactly how many
(specifics sell) are receiving this letter and it makes the limited
seem even more limited since so many other people are getting this same
------End Comments------


I guarantee by using the same elements, I just illustrated, you'll see
next sales letter produce incredible results.

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