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How To Build Your List Of Newsletter Subscribers -- Fast!
By Woody Sherman

An email newsletter is often the BEST way to quickly build a
following on the Internet. Nothing gets customers, prospects,
and associates together like your own e-zine.

Unfortunately, a lot of people start a newsletter with visions
of success only to get discouraged when new subscribers slowly
trickle in. You can really speed up growth of your newsletter
list by using the simple tools and tactics below.

1. Put a subscriber box on your web site. People can easily
enter their email address and send it to you. Make sure your web
site has plenty of solid examples of the kinds of articles and
helpful information readers will find in your newsletter. A high
percentage of people who visit your web site will sign up for
your e-zine. Don't ask for a lot of personal information. Just
take their email address and assure them with a promise not to
share their address with anyone else.

2. Announce your newsletter in the e-zine announcement services.
There are several sites with searchable catalogues of ezines.
These sites get lots of visitors and are a surefire way to find
hundreds of new subscribers fast.

Try these--The E-ZineZ Search Engine http://www.e-zinez.com;
InfoBot: E-mail Publishers Resource Center
http://www.infobot.net; John Labovits E-Zine List
http://www.meer.net/~johnl/e-zine-list/submit.html; The
Ultimate Magazine Database http://www.dominis.com/Zines/;
http://www.ezine-news.com; and the giant

3. Trade ads with other e-zines. Find newsletters that focus on
topics similar to yours. If your e-zine is about web site tips,
share ads with a newsletter that carries Internet marketing
tips. They run your 50 word ad in exchange for you using their
ad. Similar groups of subscribers will find the information

4. Place free and low-cost ads on Newsgroups that accept ads and
on AOL (where 15 million members see your ad for about $13).
People are much more likely to respond to an ad for a free
newsletter than to almost any other offer. Several major
newsletters have used free and low-cost ads on frequently
visited Internet sites to grow their subscriber lists into the
tens and hundreds of thousands. Consider emailing a press
release to the media. Your release should announce your e-zine
and share some of the interesting or helpful information your
newsletter features. There are a number of press release
services that will email your release. See
http://www.xpresspress.com and http://www.gapent.com/pr/.
Get free media contact info at http://www.GebbieInc.com/.

5. Write articles and send them to other e-zines. Few
promotional tools are as powerful. Readers who like the
information in your article will be especially interested in
getting your e-zine. Put a big promotional plug for your
newsletter at the end of your article. Tell readers how to
subscribe, what they can expect in your newsletter, and mention
it's FREE!

Don't add people to your newsletter list who haven't asked to be
on it. A few big newsletters started years ago by buying bulk
lists of addresses. You'll get burned badly if you do that
today. Many newsletter pros insist on having all subscribers put
their name on the list themselves. Sometimes pranksters will
place someone else's name on the list, which can cause you
problems when the victim starts a fuss.

Woody Sherman is editor and publisher of OPPORTUNITY UPDATE,
the three-times-weekly e-zine for both budding and experienced
Internet Marketers... featuring the famous "5 For 10"
Classifieds. For a sample, mailto:DeptR5@ShermanMedia.com.
You'll also find a number of resources for the netrepreneur at
Woody's website: http://ShermanMedia.com.


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