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Who Me, Publish An Ezine?
By Clay Stone

There are thousands of email newsletters published each day.
If you're not already publishing one, you may wonder why?

To begin, why are you subscribed to this ezine? Most likely it's
because you find the articles and resources helpful. Free,
useful information is what every online user wants. Ezine
publishers provide this service to their readers...knowledge.

We all have a particular topic we enjoy talking about. This is
something you could share with thousands of ezine readers
across the internet.

[1] Share What You Know!

Have you worked in a particular field?
Do you have a hobby?
Do you stay current on a specific issue?
Do you do study a topic of interest?

Everyone is hungry for knowledge, you can find many readers who
are interested in the very topic you know about. Just write what
you know and provide others with the gift of learning.

There are many reasons to publish an ezine:

* it's exciting and fun
* educate and inform
* offer expert advice
* share your favorite hobby
* support existing customers
* earn a decent income at home

These are just a few of the many reasons, but
most important, you need to have fun!

[2] What Can an Ezine Do For Me?

Ezines are an industry of their own. Besides being a very
satisfying experience, publishing a newsletter can also be
a very lucrative business. Picture your ezine reaching
thousands of readers monthly, weekly, or even daily.

You can sell ad space to advertisers interested in reaching your
readers. This is a great opportunity for them to get some quality
exposure, and they are fully aware of it. Targeted subscribers
with a large circulation has a greater profit potential.

It is very possible to start a business simply with an ezine.
Yes, you will make money once you've built a decent circulation,
but to be successful you need to know how to create, publish,
and attract subscribers, advertisers, and sponsors.

[3] Own a Business? Help Your Customer Know You!

An email newsletter provides the perfect tool for you to
promote your products and services. You can quickly increase
your credibility and become a leading authority in your field.
You will also always be able to keep in touch with your
customers and prospects.

The power of online publishing is that you can make your ezine
do almost anything you want. Build company stability, educate,
inform, announce, ask for positive or negative feedback, and it
all leads to a more satisfied, more active customer!

So you can see why companies are realizing that publishing an
email newsletter makes an excellent marketing tool, sales
device, and much more. Ezines give you an entry to gently
remind customers of your existence, keeping them updated on
what's new and maintain a favorable impression in their mind.

[4] Just Think Of The Possibilities!

The benefits to the ezine publishing is endless, not to mention
the unlimited benefits it provides to customers, readers,
prospects, and advertisers. Creating a successful ezine is a
reliable road to online success if you understand how to make
it work. It's also a great way of using the Internet to make
your business more successful, competitive, and profitable.
Remember, above all make sure you have fun!

I hope this article has helped you decide if publishing an
ezine is right for you!

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