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At that nice night, before to sleep,...
Brazil, 1998. My Experience in Sahaja Yoga. At that night, I stared at the sky. Only a few minutes, my thoughts told me: goodbye. I was comfortable on my bed, absolutely conscious, but without thoughts. When a great vision in my life occurred: God-Father could be also God-Mother. A subtle suspicion. It is fantastic! I thought, for the last time. That vision has changed my life constantly so sweetly. I was removed from my absolutely ignorance by that beautiful and spontaneous vision to the conscience of the profound and indescribable pleasure of to be The Life Source. I felt that Indescribable Pleasure. That is a Precious Reminder. In that conscience, it is not possible to think. There is not body, but you can feel the vibrations spreading very quickly as water from the top. There are neither distance nor time. There is not fear. That conscience is our own submission to a Glorious Power.
When I was back,...
I was completely enlightened. Before that experience, I had said sweetly to myself as a child: My Wonderful Mother of My Great Vision, please listen me, My Love is Unconditional. These were the last words. If my neighborhood offers to me a bitter drink, I have to receive with humility, to drink in silence and to see him with love in my heart. In this way, all arrogance will be destroyed. In the same time, if my neighborhood does something against his own evolution, I have to be grave. In this way, all guilt will be destroyed. To complete all enlightenment, my neighborhood and I are an only Essence. The constant demonstration of This Divine Attitude in our life is The key to Her Realm, that Powerful Conscience.
S. S. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Our Wonderful Mother

I am so grateful.
At that night, She went to my mind so sweetly. It is like wonderful fun that The Mother does for her child. It is not possible to see Her, but it is absolutely possible to feel Her Great Love.

All things are ready.
She is our Wonderful Mother. She prepared a Great Banquet of Love. She calls us sweetly. We can go now, quickly, jumping with happiness in our heart. It is so easy. What could be more important than? There is not anything else. We are waiting for You.

Sahaja Yoga
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Alexandre ( Sahaja Yoga of Sao J. Campos - SP