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The oppression and Slavery of African Sudanese

Nation of Islam-AMC intransigence and denial about enslavement of African Sudanese by Arabs in Sudan

Is slavery in Sudan a shams as NOI/AMC maintains

Slavery in Sudan is real

David Hoile and NOI-AMC

David Hoile of ESPAC

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The Oppression And Slavery Of The African Sudanese

June 2001
By: 'Victims of Sudan oppressive, genocidal and enslavement policies/ New Sudan'

This communication was a reply to Cedric Muhammad of the Nation Of Islam, the new defenders of the Sudan regime.

Brother Cedric Muhammad,

Thanks for sending us the two previous articles from the archives of your blackelectorate We have gone through them and We cannot believe the amount of misinformation contained therein. We will refute some of the serious misinformations on your part, which you quote either knowingly or unknowingly.

[1] We have witnessed the discrimination against African Americans in this country, and we commend the numerous black civil rights leaders and the Nation of Islam in their efforts to fight discrimination and uplift the spirits of black people. While the Nation of Islam is working hard to end racism and working to uplift the black race in America, we find it hard to make sense of the action of some of its members in siding with the aggressors and the genocidal regime of Sudan. We are struggling to make sense of how some members of the Nation of Islam, while genuinely fighting discrimination in America, turn around to support the same discrimination they are fighting against, only when it is being committed against their own blood brothers in Africa by the National Islamic Front [NIF] of Sudan. Brother Muhammad, help us understand your action and the action of your group.

It truly hurts and saddens us to see our own brothers, siding with our aggressors. Brother, the Arabs of Sudan loathe anything African. They call us Abeed, an Arabic term for slave. Our men are rounded up like animals, some shot on sight, and others taken up North as slaves. Our women are being gang raped by the thousands, with the intent that they give birth to light skin and Arab children. Others are taken by the thousands as slaves. This is the reality of the situation. They have made it clear they want our land, but not the people. It is similar to what happened to America Indians. Even if they manage to Islamize and Arabize our people by force, they will still continue with the same practice. It is not only a religious issue for your invader friends, but a racial one as well.

We believe every human being on earth has the right to be free, and fight for his/her freedom. African Americans went through the same struggle, why then do you oppose our struggle for survival, liberty, dignity as humans, and self-determination, and instead have chosen to blow the trumpet for the Arab invaders? We are being forced to convert to Islam by force, or face death. They are trying to arabize and islamise us by force or face death. Even, if we convert to Islam, we are still slaughtered by the thousands and forced to work as slaves. Just look at what is happening in Western Sudan, and the Nuba mountains. They are Muslims, yet they are being persecuted because they are black. The Nuba are now on the verge of extinction and according to recent estimates, there number has been reduced from 1.5 million to less than 250,000, yet the majority of them are Muslims. The war in Sudan is not just about religion, but it is also a racial war. It is a million times worse than South African apartheid.

Where did you come up with the allegations that our people also indulge in the practice of slavery? What evidence do you have to suggest that black African Sudanese engage in slave raids? Black people are being discriminated against, on all four corners of the World. We should work together to end this practice everywhere in the World. It is totally wrong for you to support this practice especially when it is being committed against your people. We are making an effort to reach out to you, and maybe one day we can work together to end the genocide in Sudan, so please try to answer the above questions.

In the same manner that some white men of conscience acknowledged and supported your revolution to attain civil rights in the States (e.g. President John Kennedy), Moslem Sudanese men of conscience gallantly protested and exposed genocidal atrocities and slavery of black African Sudanese. An example of such Muslim men of conscience in Sudan are Ushari Ahmed Mahmud and Suleyman Ali Baldo of the University of Khartoum A glaring example we share with you in the following incidence exposed by the two professors,Ushari Ahmed Mahmud and Suleyman Ali Baldo of the University of Khartoum:

On March 27-28, 1987 the Al Dein Massacre took place when Saddig El-Mahdi was prime minister where more than a thousand Dinka children, women, and men were killed and burnt to death by Rizeigat Arabs militia and others in the town. Reports compiled by Ushari Ahmed Mahmud and Suleyman Ali Baldo of the University of Khartoum (The Al Dein Massacre and HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION IN THE SUDAN) contains hard-core evidence of the government's complicity in the incident. The government of Saddig El-Mahdi attempted to cover up this incident, but the authors of this report vehemently opposed to such cruelty, risked their own lives so that the world might learn and help. Evidence of slavery emerged from following the investigation of the Al Dein massacre.

Quote: The kidnapping of Dinka children, young girls and women, their subsequent enslavement, their use in the Rizeigat economy and other spheres of life, and their exchange for money all these are facts. And the government has full knowledge of them. Indeed, the perpetrators of kidnapping and slavery are its allies in the armed militias. Unquote

Accounts Of Al Dein Massacre Eyewitness:

Quote: First: Eyewitness survivor Tijok Dut Ani provided us with information about some Dinka children and women held by the Rezeigat in Dein. She saw these children and women while she was looking for children lost during the massacre. She talked to some of them and gave the names of their villages and chiefs. Some of the women she met were captured before the massacre in the Dinka village of Bahr al_Arab Kiir. Diyu Bak Diyu is a Dinka policeman who survived the massacre in Dein. He was disarmed during the massacre by his superiors (non Dinkas). According to Diyu, Dinka people who sometimes found their own children with some Rizeigat, were never helped by the police to get back their children. Unquote.

It is true, the SPLA committed some mistakes. But that should not give you reason to side with Khartoum, nor can the extent of SPLA mistakes be equated with the genocidal war of attrition, annihilation, ethnic cleansing and scorched-earth NIF warfare executed with impunity.

1. The content in which this happens is the open declaration of Jihad (Islamic Holy War) by the SAME PEOPLE you support. The same PEOPLE you support want to impose their radical version of Islam on US. Which we categorically and rightfully resist and will continue to resist.

2. Nothing the SPLA has ever done can compare to slavery and slaughter and mass starvation that Khartoum perpetrates systematically execute, using modern weaponry, bombs, hellicopter gunships bought with petro-dollars stollen from our oil fields in Unity State of Southern sudan.

3. It is YOU who never EVER, EVER told your people or yourselves that in the name of Islam, black people are being enslaved in Sudan.

4. The Islamic creed which the fundamentalists Sudanese regime crafted to justify annihilation of the Southern Sudanese, is by defining us as "Dhimmis". You will never discuss this with us or anyone else as it would expose the subjugation, and religious intolerance your fundamentalist friends want to forcefully impose on Black African Sudanese.

Allow us to quote the creed on "Dhimmitude", which is exercised by Sunnites Muslims of Sudan to propagate and enforce Islam by force of arms:

Quote: "Jihad, in Islam, the spiritual struggle against evil. Jihad is the duty of all mainstream Muslims, or Sunnites. There are four ways they may fulfill a jihad: by the heart, the tongue, the hand, and the sword/war. These refer to the inner, spiritual battle of the heart against vice, passion, and ignorance; spreading the word of Islam with one's tongue; choosing to do good and avoiding evil with one's hand; AND WAGING WAR AGAINST NON-MUSLIMS WITH THE SWORD.

Islamic law divides the world into "dar al-Islam" (abode of Islam) and "dar al-harb" (abode of war) that is, of non-Muslim rule). Most modern branches of Islam stress the inner, spiritual jihad. But Islamic law also states that ALL NATIONS must surrender to Islamic rule, if not its faith. Until that time, all adult, male, and able-bodied Muslims are expected to take part in hostile jihads against non-Muslim neighbors and neighboring lands. The Qur'an (Koran) states that those who die in this type of jihad automatically become martyrs of the faith and are awarded a special place in heaven.

For Muslims, there exist two kinds of non-Muslim enemies: kafir (non believers in Islam) and ahl al-kitab (people of the book). Kafir, such as Buddhists and Hindus (see Buddhism; Hinduism), must either convert to Islam or face execution. Once converted to Islam it is a capital offense to renounce the faith. People of the book include Jews, Christians, and followers of Zoroastrianism. These people need only submit to Muslim political authority to avoid or end a jihad. They may keep their original faith, but their status becomes dhimmi (a "protected" non-Muslim) and they must pay a prescribed poll tax.

In contrast to mainstream Sunnites, Muslim groups such as the Imami and BohoraIsmaili- Shiites are forbidden from participating in a hostile jihad. These sects believe the only person legitimately capable of conducting such a jihad is their imam, or spiritual leader." Unquote.

Bat Ye'or is a researcher on the Dhimmitude, and has done extensive research, and developed a deeper understanding of "dhimmies" (the protected non-Muslims) in many countries, in decades past and present. The muslims in Sudan are majority sunnies, who cunningly want to subject Christians and other African traditional believers into "dhimmies", hence the prevalent civil war. Once announced the Moslem will never stop a JIHAD, unless the enemy is stronger, this is what the West do not understand. Gradually Islam is penetrating the Western world, taking advantage of the liberties and pluralism of the west.

We need to alert all men of conscience to watch out and wake up, and Bat Ye'or works are milestones in this direction, and should be read widely by all peoples of goodwill, Christians and Moslems alike to awake their conscience and start accepting each other as equal humans, and respect religous toleration for all races and the varie3d believers.

African Sudanese are fighting against these odds and misleading creeds, and it is our right and prerogative, lest we perish.

Concerning your article On "Slavery" In The Sudan, we chose to point out many erroneous and deliberate misinformations on your part. You wrote and we quote "And why, if the conflict is an "us" against "them"; "Arab" vs. "Black"; "Muslim" vs. "Christian" affair, have over 2 million Black southerners fled into the North, into Khartoum, for refuge from the civil war? Surely 2 million "Black Christian Southerners" would not willingly run into the arms of the evil " Arab Muslim Northerners".

Brother Muhammad, this statement of yours is an insult to all Africans. Have you seen the conditions in which our people in the North are subjugated? We cannot believe a black man of your caliber has the audacity to take lightly the plight of his fellow black-man. From the above statement it seems to suggest that our people are enjoying relative comfort and safety in those concentration camps of the North. We are not trying to insult you here, but from the above statement, a stranger who reads your article for the first time might wrongly assume that the writer is an Arab, maybe from Iraq or Yemen.

Our people who fled Northwards, did so because they have nowhere to go. They had no chance to flee to SPLA controlled areas because the NIF slavers blocked their chances; how can they flee to SPLA controlled areas when the government deliberately bombs them to force them out of SPLA controlled areas?

1. Most of the South Sudanese who fled to the North for refuge live along the North-South boarder. It would, therefore, not be feasible and practical for them to trek all the way to the Southernmost parts of the South without being intercepted by the government army and their militia. As for those South Sudanese living in the besieged garrisons in the South they cannot leave those towns as the outskirts of the same are heavily mined by the government. So our people have fled North not because they love the Arabs/Muslims but because they have no choice.

2. The SPLA is caught between the need for our able boys to liberate themselves from Jihad by accepting their desire to fight, and the need to keep the international military and human rights standards or face ethnic cleansing from the Khartoum regime. How would he feel if during the period of racially segregated America, the members of the international community insisted in demanding for a balance condemnation of the US government and the civil rights activities of the blacks? For example blame Dr Martin Luther King for allowing young blacks demonstrators. SPLA recruitment of minors into their army cannot be compared to the slavery being carried out by the government and its allied militias. The SPLA is a voluntary liberation organization. The SPLA can not turn away anybody who wants to join it with the purpose of fighting for the freedom of the South.

The official policy of the GOS is to totally to subjugate the South. The South has no choice but to defend itself against this uncalled for aggression and every able bodied South Sudanese has the right to voluntarily participate in the struggle for liberation. However, it must be noted that because of criticism from human rights groups, the SPLA has demobilized all minors from the Movement. UNICEF played a major role in this effort. But has the Sudan government yielded to public criticism of its policies of human rights violations and slavery? Hasn't the government continued to recruit school children and street boys into its armed forces and the people's defense forces!! It is just ridiculous to accuse the SPLA of practicing slavery.

3. The issue is not Islam. We respect Islam, but we abhor political Islam or forcing people to embrace Islam. Amongst the SPLA are staunch Muslims who oppose the NIF's policies of radical Islam and Arabism. The Nuba are mainly Muslims but the GOS is waging scotched-earth warfare against them with the aim of wiping out the whole population. The NIF do not recognize any Muslim except fundamentalist Muslims.

So, the accusation that the SPLA practices slavery is unfounded and false. Also the suggestion that Southerners have fled to Khartoum out of love for the Northern Arabs/Muslims is false. These people went there because they have no choice. But look at what the government has done to them: put them into Nazi-like concentration camps, denied them all basic amenities of survival, denied them the right to build their own places of worship, leave alone to allow them worship freely, forcefully recruited their children into the army in order to fight their own people in the South etc., etc. The GOS is one that cannot be defended. Its crimes are so gross that no sensible person can defend their policies.

You further went on to add salt to injury by and we quote, "And it is also Christian Solidarity International that supports the SPLA who are known "slave" traders themselves". You must be joking and really being sarcastic. How can the people who took up arms to fight a war of survival and freedom be slavers? Does the SPLA conduct slave raids against the same people they took up arms to protect? Where is the evidence to support your allegations that they are engaged in slave raids? You then went on to say that the Sudanese African tribes also indulge in slavery. Can you name the tribes(African) in Southern Sudan that indulge in slavery? Be specific, and illustrate to us when, where and how this African tribes in Sudan practice slavery. We would suggest that you personally take a trip to Southern Sudan to see with your own eyes, what your genocidal friends are doing and what our freedom fighters are doing. After all, visiting Southern Sudan will be like going back to your roots. Maybe then, our ancestors[ yours and mine] will forgive you for turning against them for supporting our invaders.

Brother, our ancestors will never forgive you unless you come forward and apologize to our people for betraying them, and aggravating their suffering. Lets put religious loyalty aside when it comes to speaking the truth. Do not let yourself be blinded by the invaders. Do not take it upon yourself to blow the trumpets for the Arab invaders. They have a saying, let the Abeed [ slave ] kill the Abeed [slave ]. They have now turned you against your own