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The oppression and Slavery of African Sudanese

Nation of Islam-AMC intransigence and denial about enslavement of African Sudanese by Arabs in Sudan

Is slavery in Sudan a shams as NOI/AMC maintains

Slavery in Sudan is real

David Hoile and NOI-AMC

David Hoile of ESPAC

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Slavery In Sudan is Real:
By: New Sudan African Society

Slavery in Sudan is real and alive. Sudan is the largest country in Africa, located in North east Africa, and south of Egypt. To the North east is the Red sea, and to the east is Ethiopia. The Northern part of Sudan is the Arab Islamic north and to the Southern part is the African Christian and animist south. Slavery in Sudan has existed for centuries, and it is a well known fact and history. Slavery was introduced in the Sudan by the Arabs who came across the Red Sea and conquered and Islamized some of the indigenous African People who originally inhabited the whole of Sudan. The African tribes were slowly pushed south due to wars between them and the Arabs. It must be known that slavery was abolished in Sudan by the British during their colonial rule.

However the practice continued, though on a small-scale basis and mostly in remote areas between the North-South border. Britain and Egypt ruled the Sudan jointly and during that time, the North and South were administered separately and treated almost entirely like two different countries. However in 1954, the British united the North and South and hurriedly departed the Sudan, despite the known differences between the Africans and the Arabs. Thus the present day problem of Sudan erupted almost immediately. The North immediately set out to subjugate, Arabize and Islamize the South and a civil war erupted from 1956-1972. Peace was brought to Sudan in what was known as the Addis- Ababa agreement, where the South was promised greater autonomy. However the Northern government of president Jaafar Muhammad Numeiry soon reneged on the agreement. African Southern Sudanese were deceived by the Arabs, and in 1982, the present day civil war erupted. It must also be made clear that 4 million African Sudanese were killed as result of the aggression by the Arab Islamic North from 1956 to the present.

Part 1

Modern Day Slavery
Modern day slavery first emerged with the support of the government of Sudan during the time Sadiq el Mahdi was Prime Minister of Sudan, 1986-1989. The complicity of the Government of Sudan (GOS) in encouraging the murahileen Arab militia were first documented by 2 University of Khartoum professors, Dr. Ushari Mahamoud and Dr. Suleyman Ali Baldo themselves devout Muslims and Arabs from the North.
1. Description of incident
In 1987, Dr.Ushari Mahmoud co-authored an independent investigation into a
massacre in the Sudanese town of ed Dai'en and the revival of practices of
slavery in the region. He concluded that the government was actively
encouraging the elements who were responsible for both the massacre and the
resurgence of slavery..."
Dr. Ushari was detained shortly after the coup (June 30, 1989). In a letter to President Jimmy Carter, written from Shalla Prison in Darfur dated April 5, 1990, he wrote:
I have been recently transferred to this prison after nine months of detention at Kobar prison in Khartoum. While I was detained at Kobar, specifically on March 18, I was visited by ex-Minister of Finance, Dr. Sayed Ali Zaki. He came to me with a specific message from the military authorities. The gist of the message was that I would be released if I retract in writing and deny the truth of what I had written about slavery in "Al Daein Massacre-Slavery in the Sudan." Otherwise, I would continue to be detained "indefinitely" -to use Dr. Zaki's own words. That visit ended with great disappointment for Dr. Zaki and with a deeper understanding of the true nature of the regime for me. Ten days later I was transferred to this prison..."
Results of incident
No further information is available concerning Dr. Ushari's imprisonment.
Source: Human Rights Watch/Africa Watch, 'Sudan Suppression of Information',
8/30/90 Vol. 2, Iss. 28 Pg.25
2. Canadian Foreign Minister acknowledges slavery in Sudan
The following is a quote from Canada's Foreign Minister during his speech to the UN Security Council on Sept 29, 1999.
..."The bitter experience of the individual Africans who have suffered most -- victims of genocide in Rwanda, widespread starvation in Somalia, pervasive terror in Sierra Leone, slave trading in Sudan and senseless war between Ethiopia and Eritrea -- should demand effective intervention by the Security Council. Such is the responsibility of this body and no other."
3. UN investigator, Leonardo Franco acknowledges slavery
UN investigator, Leonardo Franco, said in a report to the UNHCR last month that the war between government troops and the rebels in the south had exacerbated the problem.
He said that "murahelleen" tribesmen, who escorted military supply convoys, were allowed to abduct women and children and take them north "to be subject to forced labour or other conditions amounting to slavery."
4. Susan Rice US assistant Secretary for African affairs acknowledges slavery in Sudan is real
"Part of why I am here is to show the world that, despite what the government in Khartoum says, despite what some of our partners in the European Union may want to pretend ... slavery exists, it has to be acknowledged, and it has to be addressed," Rice told reporters in this southern Sudan town. "We have an obligation not only to speak out but to ameliorate the suffering."

Part 2

Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam Deny the Existence of Slavery
The Southern Sudanese community in the Diaspora finds it extremely difficult to understand why our brothers in the Nation of Islam and the person of Minister Louise Farrakhan continued to deny slavery in Sudan, thus prolonging and worsening the situation. Brothers and sisters of the Nation of Islam, slavery in Sudan is real. We are not saying this because we are against Islam or Arabs, but we are saying slavery in Sudan is real because our uncles, aunts, brothers and sisters in Sudan are enslaved and our people are at the receiving end of this ugly inhuman act. It has become a sickening habit for Louise Farrakhan to blame everything on Israel and CIA.

Whether the CIA or Israel are involved in the present day suffering of blacks in America, is totally a different matter and we donĂ