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The oppression and Slavery of African Sudanese

Nation of Islam-AMC intransigence and denial about enslavement of African Sudanese by Arabs in Sudan

Is slavery in Sudan a shams as NOI/AMC maintains

Slavery in Sudan is real

David Hoile and NOI-AMC

David Hoile of ESPAC

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David Hoile and NOI-AMC: Playing the Devil Advocate
By: New Sudan African Society

The London based European-Sudanese Public Affairs Council
(ESPAC) headed by David Hoile, a South African born Briton has been known for sometimes now for consistently accusing the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) of war mongering,recruiting children into its army ranks, among others. Furthermore,Hoile denies there is such a thing as slavery in Sudan (but preferred only to rename and baptize it as "abductions"), and finds no link between the oil exploration in Southern Sudan and the massive aerial bombardment and displacement of the population in the oil region by the Sudan army to provide security zones for oilcompanies. Recently it launched vicious media attack on human right activists, and accused the new Bush Administration and US
Congress of "obstructing peace" by the passing Sudan Peace Act.

The organisation, ESPAC, finds no fault and wickedness with a regime that toppled a democratically elected government in 1989, sent thousands to ghost or concentration houses, forcedly drafted hundreds of thousands of university students and school children and declared "Jihad" on population in South Blue Nile, South Sudan, and Nuba Mountains. It finds no fault and iniquity with a
regime that armed militia to pillage, and lay waste towns and villages in South Sudan, South Blue Nile, and Nuba Mountains, bombed relief centres, hospital and schools, razed villages and captured women and children and took them into slavery. The "see no evil" and "hear no evil" organisation, [with ever increasing
applause and admiration of the Nation of Islam and the American Muslim Council (NOI-AMC)], is never alarmed by the well-documented facts that the regime it now seeks to defend was and is the one--a regime which until recently hosted international terrorists such as Bin Laden, Carlos the Jackal, and Hamas. It is
the regime that sponsored terrorists responsible for bombing of the US embassies in East Africa (resulting in hundreds of African and American civilian casualties), assassination attempts on Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak, and the bombing of International Trade Centre in New York.

The "see no evil, hear no evil" organisation, applauded by NOI-AMC, has thecourage and the gut to take on a "European" name, and speak on behalf of Europeans and the British about what it calls "European-Sudanese Affairs"; no matter how questionable, ridiculous, convoluted, lubricous and controversial their position clearly appear to any rational observer. Small wonder, Hoile who founded and heads the ESPAC is a man characterised by extremely chilling background. In a revelation published by Search Light (December 2000), Hoile was once a deputy head to Marc-Henri Glendening, who once chaired the Federation of Conservative Students (FCS). Glendening, Hoile's right-wing bedfellow, was best known for his infamous attitude towards blacks as reflected in his villainous saying: "it is the right of any man to discriminate against blacks if he so wishes". Driven by nothing other than opportunism and racial bigotry, Hoile and his organisation have now found a new cause for being "colour blind" so much that he can now team up with the Nation of Islam-American Muslim Council (NOI-AMC), in order to defend the grotesque, genocidal, and murderous Islamic
regime in Khartoum. It is as if in the heat of a moment David Hoile has become a partner to an organisation (NOI-AMC) which is an exact opposite to the British National Party, BNP, and the Klan (KKK) to which Hoile should rightly belong.

But that is not all to Hoile's background to sufficiently explain the very atypical and peculiar stand his ESPAC has been advocating for regarding the Sudanese Arab created and led civil war that has already claimed more than two millions African Sudanese lives. There is more about Hoile that can make most wonder why a man who should be behind-the-bars is still at large. According to Search
Light magazine, Hoile was a passionate apologist for the infamous RENAMO in Mozambique, an agent of South African Apartheid military intelligence. The International Freedom Foundation, IFF (UK), which Hoile and Marc Gordon (another notorious right-winger)****helped found,***** had one of its mission statements: "the combating of sanctions and support to constitutional initiatives
through publications, lobbying, conferences etc," according to the investigation by Khan Commission into South African secretintelligence operations. In the spirit of that extremely questionable mission of IFF, Hoile wrote his book "Understanding the Sanctions" with funds from John Carlisle, the pro-South African racist Tory MP for Luton North. This was nothing other than attempts to break the economic siege on the Apartheid.

Hoile, the current defender of the Islamic Arab regime in Khartoum, persistently accused the South African's African Nationalist Congress (ANC) of being in the "grip of Communism". That the ANC was going to turn South Africa into a Communist country. One of the icons and role models of African freedom movements, according to Hoile, is (the pariah) Mr. Jonas Savimbi of UNITA who
was hired by South Africa to destabilise Angola. None of those bizarre accusations or assumptions had any shred of connection to the truth, as we know it. It only***** saves***** the fact that Hoile and his highly faulty and controversial causes had not withstood the tide of change which swept away the South African Apartheid system, bringing in its place: democracy, respect for human rights,and sanity itself. In the same rein, we can be sure that Hoile's
ESPAC and his collaborators in NOI-AMC are no doubt destined to the graveyard and dustbin of history, so long as they maintain their support of this grotesque, genocidal, murderous and insatiate African enslavement policies of the Arab Islamic regime in Khartoum.

Just to avoid the danger of us being accused of bias and rhetoric, or running a "media circus" as ESPAC-NOI-AMC would like to label the regime of Sudan's critics, we would like to ask the same questions (which ESPAC and NOI-AMC has often asked). This is--what evidence is there to support the accusations that are held against the Arab Islamic Khartoum regime? Not one, not two and
not three, but plenty-- On the question of modern day slavery in Sudan, the existence of the practice was first highlighted by two Khartoum university professors and themselves devout Muslims: Dr. Ushari Muhamoud, and Dr. Sulyman Ali Baldo in 1987 following their investigation into a massacre of thousands of African Sudanese by government armed militia in the city of Daein in Western Sudan. Since then the existence and practice of slavery was independently**** confirmed**** by the Amnesty International, UN Human Rights Watch, United States Commission for Refugees (USCR), the Canadian Foreign Ministry and host of Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs) working in Sudan, and testimonies from former victims of slavery. Moreover, drilling for oil in South Sudan has only increased human suffering in South Sudan since the Khartoum regime has resorted to policy of a scorched-earth warfare which has led to massive displacement and death among the local African Sudanese population. Again these have been documented and acknowledged by the investigators
from UN Human Right Watch, Amnesty International, USCR, British Christian Aid, Canadian Haker's Report on "the human cost of oil development", and most recently the UN Special Investigator Leonardo Franco, among others. The IMF reported an increase in the regime's military spending since oil export begun in 1998. This is an enormous amount of credible information which supports two
important facts: That the Sudan regime is involved in gross violation of human rights (of abhorrent nature such as slavery, and waging a genocidal war on African Sudanese), and that this situation can only get worst if oil exploration (with attendant scorched-earth warfare) is allowed to continued.

Unfortunately, by finding no fault and vileness with the present Khartoum regime and taking a hostile stand against measures (economic or otherwise) that would increase the pressure on the regime to negotiate a peaceful settlement in good faith, the ESPAC and their accomplices in the NOI-AMC are in effect propagating for the maintenance of the status quo and thereby heightening and lengthening the suffering of the African Sudanese in South Blue Nile, Nuba Mountains, and South Sudan. We should make no mistake by not realising that the present regime in Khartoum is *****bent**** on finding a military solution to war. It is committed to using the proceeds from oil exploration to import more advanced
military hardware as well as building its growing arm and ammunition industry to achieve "arm sufficiency" as Reuters (on 16th June 2001) quoted Omer Al Bashir stating: "Sudan will celebrate the festival of the revolution this year with the production of tanks and heavy equipment by Sudanese hands". This regime is
determined as ever to frustrate the claims of South Sudanese, people of Nuba Mountains and South Blue for self-determination or the dismantling of the current system by separating religion fromstate.

Every peace loving person in the world should therefore work very hard to achieve a just and peaceful settlement to Sudan's conflict. Ignoring the policies of appeasement promoted by questionable organisations such as ESPAC we would encourage you all to add your voice to the ever-increasing voices for peace, liberty and justice in South Sudan, Nuba Mountain and Southern Blue **** Nile****.

No to slavery in Sudan, No to oil exploration without peace, No to import of Sudan's blood tainted oil, and Yes to a peaceful settlement which must recognise the right of self-determination for the African Sudanese in South Blue Nile, South Sudan, and Nuba Mountains.

Finally, let David Hoile, his cronies and co-accomplices in the NOI- AMC know in no uncertain terms, that by their skewed and hypocritical stand on the Arab created and led conflict in Sudan, the union between Hoile and NOI-AMC is nothing other than for gluttony. Thus, they are headed for the graveyard of history and shame. With the established existence and practice of slavery in
the Sudan by credible bodies such as the UN Human Right Watch, Amnesty International, USCR, British Christian Aid, Canadian Haker's Report on "the human cost of oil development", and most recently the UN Special Investigator Leonardo Franco, freed slaves among others, Hoile and the Nation of Islam-American Muslim Council should agonize not over denial, but their ruined and
irreparable credibility.