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The oppression and Slavery of African Sudanese

Nation of Islam-AMC intransigence and denial about enslavement of African Sudanese by Arabs in Sudan

Is slavery in Sudan a shams as NOI/AMC maintains

Slavery in Sudan is real

David Hoile and NOI-AMC

David Hoile of ESPAC

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Is Slavery in sudan a shams as NOI/AMC maintains?

June 2001
By victims of Sudan oppressive, genocidal and enslavement policies. New Sudan African Society

This communication was a reply to Cedric Muhammad of the Nation Of Islam, the new defenders of the Sudan regime.

Dear Cedric Mohammad

The AMC's committee for truth about Sudan, signed by Abdul-Ali, a businessman and member of a fact-finding mission in Sudan, had discussion on a very important subject titled" Slavery in Sudan is a Sham". The discussion itself was undertaken in what the committee referred to as" Forum discussion on combating current malicious propaganda campaign concerning slavery in Sudan. The honourable speakers include the following:

1.Dr. Dawud Abdur-Rahman: African American professor who taught in Sudan/ A member of a fact-finding committee concerning this topic(slavery)

2. Ismail Salih: Founder of the Sudanese American Society.

3. Hodari Abdul- Ali: Businessman ans member of a fact-finding mission in Sudan(

A. Appreciation.

We appreciate the fact that AMC-NOI is concerned about slavery in Sudan. This is great. Whether or not it's real or sham is something else. We will tackle this in subsequent exchanges on this topic. We believe you may have already received some view points on this subject vis-avis the NOI-AMC's attitude toward the Sudanese people, especially from the marginalised areas.

B. Slavery in Sudan: Reality or a sham?

We feel we are going against the current in regards to this topic. This is because AMC-NOI has made up its mind already. Such stance is very clear in many ways. We have highlighted a few of them below. Briefly put, AMC-NOI believes:

a. slavery is a sham. The implication is that their refutations are genuine. How true is this claim is something we shall underline and discredit

b. views expressed against the practice translates to malicious propaganda against Sudan government. This implies the practice itself is kind, not malicious. This isn't true. We shall show that it is NOI-AMC which is being malicious in intent and propaganda,

c. Rallying support to combat the said malicious propaganda rather than abandon the practice itself may polish the unpolishable NIF Government. This is a case of a child pointing to his left ear using his right hand rather than his left hand which is very close to his left ear. We shall expose how such twisting of realities is nothing but a sham proper.

Undoubtedly, these views seem to have closed the door for any meaningful exchange of ideas. Nevertheless, mr. Cedric Muhammad has done well in giving us some window of hope to express and share our view points irrespective of the amount of AMC-NOI's prejudice and distortion. On this, we thank you, brother Muhammad. We will try to swim against this current of injustice and clear embrace of everything that is not in keeping with humanity and self esteem.

The respectful AMC-NOI is prepared to go into combat on the side of Sudan government. The choice is not ambiguous as is clear from "The Forum discussion on combating current malicious propaganda campaign concerning slavery in Sudan". It's in relation to this choice that we are writing to call your attention to the fact that your choice is:

1. Wrong because it's based on wrong premise. The fear and amount of defense it has unleashed on the part of NIF, its supporters cemented by the big brother AMC-NOI says it all.

2. Unhealthy. This is because it ignores justice for injustice, humanity for inhumanity of the national Islamic front government against its own citizens. Dictatorship, oppression, slavery and enslavement of Sudanese people are things the world condemns and wants them erased. Only the NOI-AMC wants them carried through, legalised, consolidated, solidified, protected and promoted.

4. An attempt to erase the uneraseable wickedness of Sudan government.

Records on the existence of Slavery are available in volumes. These begin with a book( Daen massacre) written by two respectful university lecturers, Dr. Ushari Mahmoud and Ismail Ali Baldo who are not only muslims, but also come from the area where its citizens government trains, arms and sends to the south to loot, abduct and enslave the unarmed southerners. Organisations such as Amnesty International, UNICEF and reports by UN Envoys, SHRO and uncountable number of organisations are there for one who wants truth. These and several thousands of victims of slavery are concretes which no NOI's distortion nor defence can erase.

5. Defense of injustice defeats NOI-AMC's objectives regarding its own hate politics NOI disguises as defense and promotion of civil rights. If injustice is injustice in America and elsewhere, why isn't it the same for Sudan and Sudanese ? AMC-NOI is sure to lose sympathetic voices against injustice at home since they are actually promulgaters of insecurity and terror and promoters of slavery and oppression outside their homeland. NOI-AMC's support of national islamic front government perpetrators of oppression and slavery, shows they are real agents of disharmony and disintegration at home and abroad.

C. NOI-AMC Defends National Islamic Front's Human Rights Abuses in Sudan.

In his reply to us, Mr. Cedric Muhammad said, " We have never denied human rights abuses on the part of the Sudanese government - they are committing many evils".

This is a great piece which we must break up into two parts. This may help clarify things.

a ' We have never denied human rights abuses on the part of the Sudanese government'.

This statement isn't true. NOI-AMC did deny such abuses and without any doubt, their denial of truth uncovers their impartiality. We will show how and where this impartiality is or becomes obvious. It's sandwiched in the denial which begins with the committee for truth about Sudan which the AMC titled" Slavery in Sudan is a Sham".This is no recognition. It's denial of the first order. NOI-AMC's reference to slavery that has been documented worldwide as a sham indicates where NOI-AMC impartial sympathies are wrongly placed. They are with the slave owning, slave-protecting government of national islamic front. Disappointingly enough, the NOI-AMC did not stop at that. They are on record by words and actions that they are out to fight in defense of this terrible crime against humanity. Is this organisation staffed by African-American Muslims? Which factor has influenced which in favour of falsity-----the African factor, American factor or Muslim factor and why ?

b. They are (national islamic front government) committing evils.

Well said. This is good beginning and very encouraging.This view is also strongly supplemented by your wise statement to us that " I respect your perspective and of course will deeply consider your thoughts". We must admit that your promise " to consider deeply our/Sudanese thoughts" is very inspiring. We encourage you to think deep and deeper. Sudan's problems are intricate. They are a spider-like web in their intricacy. In that sense, we wouldn't be surprised if foreigners like you and their organisations like NOI-AMC and others get drowned in the sea of truths ( or should we say half-truths ) which are equally counteracted by nothing other than guided and unguided interests.

D. NOI-AMC's Guided and Unguided interests.

NOI-AMC's partiality and refusal to put into consideration authortative reports which proves beyond any reasonable doubt that slavery is real is not only misguided, but actually a factor of guided and unguided interests. In recent years, there is no subject as well covered as slavery in Sudan. Understandably, there is no room for half-truths as NOI alleges. This conception reflects NOI's own shadow from inside. Their sources are nonentities to say the least. Can a body or organization that boasts as champions of civil rights and liberties take for a reference the so-called and discredited British-Sudanese Council headed by criminal and mercenary, David Hoile ? One is judged by the friends one keeps. Doesn't this tell us more about the intentions, hidden and open, of NOI-AMC ?

NOI-AMC's associates and their sources of information are zones of non-truth. One can consult such sources only when one wants nothing, but non-truth. This is exactly what our brothers and sisters of NOI-AMC got. This is very sad. Yet, what's more shocking is the acceptance of these fabrications and falsehood as truths by NOI-AMC. It's these concocted and carefully stitched lies NOI-AMC calls truths whereas books written, reports rendered by UN Envoys, media authorities and NGOS on slavery and cemented by the people who were themselves enslaved and saw slavery in the face are not sources of truth.

Another source that may be helpful or could have been helpful in finding truth is impatiality and honesty. NOI-AMC doesn't qualify because it fails to satisfy these conditions. We recommend that NOI-AMC should re-condition to gain momentum and respect they deserve. If NOI-AMC fails to find truth after doing the necessary thinking in relation to impartiality, honesty and quoting of worthwhile and quotable sources, truth will certainly avail itself. If it doesn't, this would simply mean truth itself may not be existing. If it does, we submit that there is nowhere one could find truth about modern slavery other than Southern Sudan, the perpetrators of which are national islamic front government and its mujahideen and armed Murahleen Arab tribes of southern Kordofan.

Brother Muhammad, you and your organization, NOI-AMC shall find truth if that's what you genuinely want. We pray everyone remains calm and open-minded all of which must be subsidised by tolerance. The subject we are discussing is highly inflammable. It relates to immemse suffering, death, massive displacement, genocide and slavery. The theme of our struggle is deeply entrenched in these facts. It's a matter of life and death, not of religious sentiments. Have you ever heard of African massionaries moving around the globe to preach God's presence ? Never. We know God's presence is obvious and preaching it negates his presence and introduces human philosophies in which conflict is inherent. We are a peaceful people. NOI-AMC should help us maintain our peace in our homes. Does national islamic front agents of 'abductions' respect our peace ?

Brothers and sisters of NOI-AMC, slavery exists in Sudan. Do the right thing. Join us and together with you we shall stamp out the obnoxious NIF business. You will have served humanity and faith in God/Allah if you reverse your position in the interest of peace and stability. We feel good exchanging views with you and your organisation. This by itself is truth. We had fears when we read AMC's Quranic Quotation, " O you who believe, if a wicked person comes to you with any news, ascertain the truth lest you harm people unwittingly and afterwards become full of repentance for what you have done (Qur`an 49:6)".

We thought you may have slammed the door on our face. Fortunately, this fear turned out to be unfounded, a fact which distinguishes you from national islamic front in Sudan. In Sudan under NIF autocratic and theocratic rule, our doors are slammed on our face forever. This underlines why we are struggling. Are we wrong ? Your distinctive wisdom and farsightedness which is transparently highlighted by your clause," I respect your perspective and of course will deeply consider your thoughts" gives us hope that you and all brothers and sisters of the NOI-AMC may possibly listen with open minds and hearts rather than have us prejudged as wicked and our news untruthful as Nifers do back home.

In view of this fact, we will take up the 'respectful discussion' with you as you advised earlier. Do we guarantee the same on tha part of NOI-AMC in our exchanges whether in writing, dialogue or face to face debates ? We promise to listen to your impartial views. It's this impartiality rather than siding with slavers that will make a difference. Our feelings against nif are either low or non-existent. Hence, do not expect the same cordiality ( which may characterise our exchanges with you ) in relation to national islamic front government in Sudan.You shall not have that because we are not different from our people whom nifers hunt down like animals. The Sudanese people, their culture and future of their children are all victims of NIF government. It's the people, culture and children that make a nation. This richness is not a concern of the national islamic front as jutified by its inhuman, repressive , unjust, genocidal and slave system in Sudan.

E. NOI-AMC sides with terror and terrorism in Sudan.

Mr. Cedri Muhammad, admits 'nif Government is committing many evils', but decides to side with terrorist government that has committed many evils. We thank NOI-AMC for this admission. NOI-AMC's admission that rulers of national islamic front government in Sudan are 'committing evils' is a victory against falsity and fabrications. Yet, the admission by itself doesn't go far enough as it doesn't clearly demonstrate where NOI stands in relation to slavery in Sudan. Since evils are committed and are still being committed, why does NOI-AMC continue to support and defend an evil doer ? Isn't evil doing and evil doer wicked ? If they are, on what grounds does NOI-AMC give them its support ? Should combat be against evil or in support of it ? Doesn't combat in support of evil doer imply an embrace of evil and evil doing ? Doesn't NOI-AMC's acceptance and defence of Sudan government policies and sugar-coated reports mean they are sure to 'unwittingly harm' the oppressed, the subjugated, the marginalised and the enslaved people of Sudan ?

Is there a particular group that musn't be unwittingly harmed or is it applicable to all ? If it does, don't Sudanese people from the marginalised who are objects of enslavement qualify in not being unwittingly harmed ? If they do, what else is holding NOI-AMC at bay from joinig world community in condemning and eradicating slavery and bring national islamic front abuses against humanity and human rights to books for perpetrating the ungodly and uncivilised practice regarding slavery in Sudan?

F. NOI-AMC backs inhumanity of national islamic front in Sudan.

Unless there are compelling reasons why NOI supports inhuman policies of national islamic front government and which may have crippled NOI-AMC from seeing and accepting truth, NOI-AMC's harm on the Sudanese people is something that is sure to bring about NOI's full repentance, no matter how long it takes us to discredit the denials and arrive at that reality. Nevertheless, your willingness to listen to our views is appreciated as this by itself represents nothing but truth. Many of us will write to you. We shall express our pains, our outrage in many ways including violent words or language. This is something you should expect and handle with understanding and respect. This is exactly what we have done and are going to do in relation to your denials of slavery in Sudan. We are extremely afflicted by your denials of the existence of slavery-----denials for which you in NOI-AMC are prepared to enforce through combat.

Denying slavery that does not only exist, but has also devastated our people in physical and psychological terms is a disgrace to our history as humans in general and as black people in particular. NOI-AMC's message to us is conspicuously simple and clear. All NOI-AMC's is saying is that the past in relation to slavery is more real than the present. In short, NOI-AMC thinks slavery today as practised by the National Islamic Front Government is irrelevant. In other words, NOI is convinced that Black people are permanent slaves. Instead of fighting it, NOI choses to defend its existence by denying it. NOI-AMC's mere attitude and careless utterances in defense of national Islamic perpetrators of slavery and enslavement proves to what extend they are ready to sacrifice their own kind. Worse still, NOI-AMC has given the national Islamic government some green light, warrant and protection to proceed with their practice--slavery. As experts in international affairs, NOI-AMC may soon advise the NIF government to try its luck in the open market. It's only there and then will NOI-AMC accept slavery exists in Sudan .

G. NOI-AMC Strikes at the Shadow and ignores the Elephant proper in relation to Slavery in Sudan.

Undoubtedly, NOI-AMC's striking of an elephant's shadow(abduction) rather than an elephant proper(slavery) is an irreparable disservice to truth and self respect. Isn't there some difference between past slavers and the present ones ? If slavery which was practiced in the past keeps bothering NOI-AMC, why can't the present slave practice as practiced by national Islamic front government ? What sense is there in defending and forgiving the present without forgetting and forgiving the past ? What pride can a people make by claiming slavery exists if it doesn't really exist ? Is NOI-AMC saying slavery is something good which people must associate with even if it doesn't exist in reality ? What is it NOI-AMC wants us to do