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The oppression and Slavery of African Sudanese

Nation of Islam-AMC intransigence and denial about enslavement of African Sudanese by Arabs in Sudan

Is slavery in Sudan a shams as NOI/AMC maintains

Slavery in Sudan is real

David Hoile and NOI-AMC

David Hoile of ESPAC

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NOI-AMC Intransigence & Denial of Truth about Enslavement of Africans by Arabs in Sudan.
June 2001
Signed by: Martin N. Namur

On behalf of: New Sudan African Society

This communication was a reply to Cedric Muhammad of the Nation Of Islam, the new defenders of the Sudan regime.

Brother Cedric Muhammud:

Thank you for providing us with the materials regarding Sudan and particularly the denial of slavery perpetrated by the Khartoum regime in its long term quest to subjugate the African Sudanese population in South Sudan, Nuba Mountains and Southern Blue Nile. It is profoundly saddening to note that, whereas the Khartoum Arab regime, Talisman oil corporation and the rest of the world acknowledged the existence and flourishing of slave trade carried out by the Khartoum regime against the African population, Christians and Muslims alike, the Nation of Islam (NOI) in whose membership you are one, still lags behind in its denial of existence of slavery. This is of course with the help of purported self-anointed expert on Sudan, Charles Carlson. Carlson, a NOI-AMC-made expert who might faithfully be believed more by your inflexible members' old denial of the unrelenting Khartoum regime genocide and slave raids against the African Sudanese population in the guise of the Islamic jihad campaign.

And to cover up, when its genocidal along with the slave raids campaign becomes explicit in the eyes of the world, evoking of Islamic sentiments, rumbles and outcry becomes the natural safe-havens and sanctuary in the pursuit to elicit support from the Islamic countries, mainly for procurement of weapons and diplomatic support. Similar Islamic sentiments and outcry such as declaration of the villainous "jihad war" also becomes the common rallying cry for the Khartoum regime when it begins to sustain major military setbacks under the determined leadership of the Sudan People's Liberation Movement/Army in its resolve to liberate her people from the decades of atrocities, genocide, occupation and enslavement among others in the name of Arab nationalism and superiority (and more recently Islamism) over the indigenous African Sudanese. Backtracking to the last infamous and controversial visit of the NOI leader Mr. Louis Farrakhan to some Arab and Islamic states including the nefarious Khartoum regime, it became so evident upon his return that NOI-AMC was destined to maintain and propagate its intransigent position of denying the already proven slavery carried out by the Khartoum regime against the African Sudanese (Christians & Muslims); even when the regime had acknowledged. What unsophisticated and poor misjudgment by NOI-AMC zealots!

For instance, upon his return from his infamous trip, Mr. Farrakhan stunned most members of his audience and followers alike when he dismissed and declared the intensity of the war (now more than 2 million African Sudanese died according to conservative estimate) as something brought about by a bunch of rebels in the South. 'They are not like us.' Farrakhan asserted, while pointing at his skin color. 'But they are Black, Black, ---, (the word black repeated 11 times)' according to the recorded speech. Unsurprisingly, he kept misleading his followers in denying the existence of slavery under his host, the junta leader, Omar Hassan el Bashir. Of course, Farrakhan would not dare to take the courage to offend his host despite the undeniable existence of slavery. That is understandable. But, even if that meant enslaving the Black Africans, from whom did he and the NOI-AMC faithful followers descend? Or else there is a fear of petrol-dollar suffocation from the Arab and Islamic countries that justifies the NOI-AMC's intransigence when the guilty regime has acknowledged the guilt? This denial tone of slavery from a hybrid of slaves who is supposedly fighting against racism, indeed baffles one.

However, it is also understandable for Mr. Farrakhan to please his host, the junta leader. Just not to mention expecting him to go down the liberation history of humankind to do the right thing: join to acknowledge the relentless slave raids, aerial bombardments of civilian centers, the common practice of skinning alive of the captured Africans who attempt to escape, and other heinous practices by the troops and militia groups Omar el Bashir, the international pariah junta leader commands. Though the Africans (Christians & Muslims) in Sudan and the continent as a whole have ruled out any salvageable and meaningful role by the NOI-AMC, they are stunned at the magnitude of the perception of the Black Africans, particularly the Muslims. As far as the unchanging NOI-AMC stance to facts is, and based on the fact that even within a few of its knowledgeable members, there exists the inability to garner the courage to challenge its leadership's misleading stance on the long proven existence of slavery in Sudan, there is no wonder to discern that the leadership (of NOI-AMC) is more concerned about its most important derivative: the lifeblood of NOI upon which it desperately almost entirely, the Arab petrol-dollar.

The US $1 billion granted by Moamar Ghadafi, Sudan regime's share and other Arab states are not the only sources but well-known ones are the obvious instances. So, we do understand precisely why the NOI members would wholeheartedly sacrifice not only one thing, two things, three things but everything for $$$ even if that means considering themselves as not "Black, Black, -- " and at the extinction and enslavement of African Sudanese by the Arabs in Sudan. Vehement denial of the raging enslavement of African Sudanese by the ruthless Khartoum regime becomes their sources of sustenance of cash flow in the guise of Islamism and Allahism. Sadly, it is unbelievable and mind-boggling to gauge how intelligent NOI-AMC members of your (Cedric's) caliber would standby in the looming and digressive NOI-AMC's intransigence while the rest of the world is far ahead in having proven that the Khartoum regime is not only intimately involved in slave raids but also encouraging it with impunity and underpinning Arab nationalism. Where do the NOI-AMC members fall? Arabs or African allegiance and descendants?

As said earlier, Khartoum junta had acknowledged the practice. How long will the NOI-AMC lag behind? Don't you think its (NOI-AMC) excuses in accusing Israel and CIA is built on sandy foundation rather than reality? Does this known NOI-AMC hatred of Israel and CIA really fly anymore? We hope that NOI-AMC is well aware that the CIA is part of the US government. Its members do not only maintain it but also finance it fully every year. That said, it is again mind-boggling as to whether you, your friend Carlson and fellow NOI-AMC members know that you are part and parcel of CIA and therefore still culprits so long as you are American citizens. And the guiltiness will only cease when you renounce your citizenship and perhaps relocate to the Arab or other Islamic countries but Black African countries whose citizens practice Christianity, Judaism and Islam freely. No doubt when you embraced Islam, it was a sort of revolt against racism as descendants of slaves. However, but that does not necessarily mean you should deny your roots and your skin color as did your leader upon his return form his infamous trip to Sudan among other countries.

We do not imply in anyway here to talk about the fact that Muslims especially in the Arab world barely recognize Black American Muslims as truly Muslims nor do we imply in anyway that Christian terms like "Minister" used by NOI-AMC members are unacceptable elsewhere in Islam. Having said that, these facts may not be ruled out. Yet, many are not so sure that embracing Islam is the right way to empower and eliminate racism, or for the Black Americans to politically, economically, spiritually, and socially address the past, today, and in future as one friend at one time observed. We (you included) know very well that prominent figures among the Black Americans used their strength of persuasion, not conniving and supporting intolerant, genocidal and slave raiding regime like the NOI-AMC to vent their frustrations, hatred and contempt for the evil perpetrated by the Whites. Rev Martin Luther King and others shine supreme. He did this by sticking to the plank of the truth--a fact that has brought about the significant changes in the landscape of America. We hope, the NOI-AMC measures up to the same or even exceed in advancing the Black liberation cause including the African Sudanese, not impulsive Islamic driven sentiment in return for the Arab petrol-dollar in the name of Allah.

Also, bear in mind that Muslim around the world only temporarily recognize Black American Muslims when they have to use them; and unmistakably in a timely fashion as they see fit. We say all these from our hearts, not because we are bred by faulty information from Farrakhan, Jabril Muhammad and Cedric Muhammad but because we are the victims of slave raids whose relatives and people got the agony and still going through it. We wish and hope you will one day eliminate your insatiable faith in, and support for the Sudan Arab dictatorial regime in its genocidal and slave raiding campaigns against our people. Islam or whatever religious conviction should not blind you from discerning the value of human life, stance against slavery, Arab racism and genocide being waged against any humankind, the African Sudanese (both Christian and Muslims) in particular.

A concluding brief comment about your friend and NOI-made expert Charles Carlson: We do not know about his expertise and how we (you included) should dare to give credence to what he says. The expert who said, "We note that the African member of the UN General Assembly recently voted Sudan the representative of the African States as a member of the Security Council." Seemingly Carlson did not know that veto privileges were not applicable when voting for members of the UN Security Council. Each vote carries the same weight regardless of the vetoing and non-vetoing status of nations. However, sadly, you did not bother to challenge or at least correct him perhaps because he dances to the music tune you want/select or else you did not also have a firm grasp of the conduct in the selection and voting of the UN Security Council members.

It is also depressing to note that while Carlson ostensibly took interest in looking at the existing slavery curse in Sudan was as recently as 1997, he, you Cedric and your fellow NOI-AMC members ignored the fact that the first worldwide credible documentation of slavery by the successive Khartoum regimes' troops and its militia allies was published by two prominent Khartoum University professors, themselves devout Muslims. Where then can the foul cry of NOI-AMC stand and fit in by habitually accusing Israel, CIA, victims of Khartoum regime, the Sudan People's Liberation Movement, Christian Solidarity, US Congress, Congressional Black Caucus, Christians groups, human rights activist groups, and highly regarded individuals like Johnnie Cochran, Ken Starr, Rev. Al Sharpton, Walter E. Fauntroy, Eric Reeves, Joe Madison, Charles Jacobs and Michael Horowitz among several others? It is unfortunate and shameful that the NOI-AMC, inadvertently or not does not realize that most people know that when cornered for its colossal shortcomings including supporting of the reprehensible, pariah and slave raiding Sudan intolerable regime, its first "take cover" and defense mechanism becomes Israel and CIA. When will the NOI-AMC end playing with and using the lives of our people, of whom more than 2 millions are already forced to their graves prematurely?

Last but not least, we invite you to digest the following piece of latest news from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) on how the Sudan regime treats African Moslems guests who in good faith went to Sudan for enlightenment in the Islamic Faith and we quote: "Evicted students stranded in Sudan A four-month dispute over the expulsion of 13 West African students from Khartoum university has ended with another two-hundred also being thrown out. They had been boycotting classes, demanding the re-admission of their colleagues. Riot police with dogs forced them out of the International African University on Friday. They have no money, food or accommodation and want to fly home. A BBC correspondent in Khartoum says the university has been in turmoil since March when a Malian student was arrested after an argument with guards at a hostel for female students. He says the crisis raises serious doubts about Sudan's ability to attract West Africans wanting to learn about Islam. From the newsroom of the BBC World Service." We hope you and your fellow NOI-AMC members will not take sanctuary in accusing the CIA, Israel, SPLA, Congressional Black Caucus, and human rights organizations among others for the maltreatment of Black West African Muslims in the hands of the Arab Sudan Islamic regime


New Sudan African Society.